1 Year Anniversary Party – Saturday, October 13th

TODAY’S WORKOUT “30-20-30”

Snatch Progressions Snatch Balance Introduction and Technique

5 Rounds 1 GTO (95/65) Ground to Overhead 2 Snatch Balance 3 Back Squats 400 M Run

  Snatch Balance Video

1 Year Anniversary Party – Saturday, October 13th

We are officially announcing our One-Year Anniversary Party.  For those who were a part of the 6-Month Open House Celebration, we plan to have the same format of working out and fun with family and friends. So mark your calendars now to be a part of the celebration. Invite all family and friends. We will have a fun competition for all skill levels over the course of a few WODs. Who knows, maybe another Dodgeball tournament!!


Thursday Fundamentals – ATLAS STONES Coach Moises will be running Fundamentals this Thursday at 6pm. If you are coming from the 5pm class you will be plenty warmed up.  If you are cold and coming only to the 6pm Fundamentals, be there early to get warmed up.  Please warm yourself up properly and be ready to go promptly at 6pm.  He will go over proper technique to keep you safe with the Atlas Stones including the setup, lift, and hip extension.


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