Barbell Bonanza Ladder – 20 Minute Challenge

Barbell Bonanza Ladder – 20 Minute Challenge Men- Starting Weight is 135# Women- Starting Weight is 95# 1 Deadlift 1 Hang Power Clean 1 Chest to Overhead Explanation – In order you must deadlift the weight to your hanging position, then power clean the weight to your rack position (chest), and finally get the bar from your chest to overhead in a locked out controlled fashion (Push Jerk, Push Press, Press, Split Jerk). Must be completed in this order for each movement at each weight (3 distinct movements). Rules- You have 20 minutes to get to your max load without missing an increment. Weights must go up in a 5# increment (2.5# plates on each side for a total of 5# increase). You can take as much time needed between sets, however, when 20 minutes is up, you are done! If you reach a weight in which you are maxed out and can no longer continue to increase by a 5# increment, you are done! POST- Weighted Pull Ups. ]]>

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