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WOD Teams of 4 or 5: Women: 50 GTO (65) (Men add 15#s to bar) Men: 50 GTO (95)

Then as a team… Carry the Mat 30 Meters to the cone and carry the bar (All Pieces Individually: Bar, Plates, and Clips) to the mat.  You must wait until the mat is down before any other piece is placed on the ground.  Team 10 Burpee Penalty if you do not listen or follow these rules.

Then complete… Women: 50 GT0 (65)  (Add the the 15#s for Men) Men: 50 GT0 (95) Then Carry the Mat…

Complete 2 more Rounds

WOD is not complete until all weight is back on the bar on mat unassembled.


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