2012 CFNT Spring Paleo Challenge Starts Today

PLEASE DOWNLOAD: CFNT_SpringPaleoHandbook  

MAJOR Things To Remember for Today: – $20 for Entry Fee – Skin Revealing Clothing for Before Pictures and Measurements

“Run of Show” for Today’s Classes: There will be a designated Warm Up on the board for all members. During the Warm Up we will be taking Measurements and Before Pictures as we want all measurements done before the workouts today. PALEO WOD #1 Strength Max Push Ups (One Minute) Max Sit Ups (One Minute) {Both will be judged and scored by a Coach} PALEO WOD #2 “Fran” 21-15-9 Pull Ups Thrusters (95/65) **NOTES** Whatever we use as our scale today we will use on May 16th for the Post Challenge WOD Workouts therefore we can all be measured. (aka CrossFit) **So please write down your scales for each of the movements** (bands, thruster weight, etc…)   MEMBER Joe S.: Results from the last Paleo Challenge that took place Jan. 9th-Feb. 2nd (only 25 Days!!)

Starting Weight- 223.4 Ending Weight – 205.4 Weight Loss – 18 Percentage Weight Loss – 8.06%

A few more notes regarding the Paleo Challenge. – Please log your food intake on your own. If you would like to use the Blog for this that is fine but we do not want to see someone struggle for 28 days and see Zero gains and then have no evidence to what they ate or drank. We cannot help you if we don’t know what you have been putting in your body. – EAT VEGETABLES – they are now your source of carbs. —LEARN TO LOVE CARROTS, BROCCOLI, and CAULIFLOWER— -There is only ONE Make Up day and that is tomorrow. (Thursday, April 19th).]]>

19 thoughts on “2012 CFNT Spring Paleo Challenge Starts Today”

  1. Jason Vanoskey

    Both my quads and buttocks are not very happy with you this morning. Fran!!! Aaahhhh!!! Nothing better to fight delayed onset muscle soreness than some thrusters. Seeya later today gentlemen

  2. Fran is tough with 65#!
    My last thurster workout I had to use the 33# bar, so this is a dramatic improvement. Can’t wait to see my time after 30 days.
    34 sit-ups
    31-push-ups (knees)
    14:08 ? (blue/white)
    Let the PALEO Games begin!

  3. 37 situps
    26 pushups (from the toes, oh my!)
    Fran: 65# blue/white: 11:30 ish?
    So far, so paleo.

  4. 52 situps
    31 pushups
    fran in 6:53 (with the stupid blue band)
    can’t wait to kill these scores in a month!

  5. Adam Lassetter

    I think we should ride the coat tails of the current #1 movie and refer to the Paleo Challenge as…….
    Naptown Hunger Games 2012

  6. 43 sit ups
    40 hr push ups
    team wod:
    sled push 10 yds down and back #210
    10 burpees
    4 rounds
    5:51 I believe…

  7. 22 push-ups from knees, 48 sit-ups
    (both with an ab mat)
    Fran – 11:53
    43# thrusters; green band for the 1st set up pull-ups, green + white for the remaining sets.
    Damn, those pull-ups were a lot harder than I expected. Thank you, Peter, for throwing a white band up for me.

  8. did this on Thursday at noon.
    max sit-ups in 1 min: 45
    max push-ups in 1 min: 38
    Fran (65#s, no band): 5:43