Yoga at 8:30am and 3 burpee video!

Teams of 4 35 min AMRAP 4 rope climbs (chest to bar pulls ups for sub) 60 ring dips 120 burpees 60 ring rows (teams must re adjust starps) 120 push press 45/33 60 get up and get downs 25/15 (from floor to standing while holding plate) 120 cals on rower   Then Amanda H. and Josh H. sent this video… no big deal! ]]>

4 thoughts on “Yoga at 8:30am and 3 burpee video!”

  1. Amanda H (Stoops)

    Bonjour from Paris!! Jet lag set in this morning but fought through and did Cindy.
    4×15 (jumping jacks, tuck jumps, mountain climbers, plank)

  2. The Burpee videos make them look almost fun.
    Artie, the brisket last week was out of this world good.
    I hope to make it in on a Saturday sometime soon. Did a 10K time trial on the Tow Path this morning in 46:43 (ran the last half faster than the 1st, so I’ve got that going for me).
    Have a great Saturday everyone.

  3. Blasted through 2 full rounds and 26 extra reps with my team of myself, Jeremy, Lauren and Erica.
    Also, congrats to Erica for getting a full rope climb!