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Mobility Instruction

20 min AMRAP: 2 Power Cleans 135/95 2 Burpees, 2 Front Squats 2 Push Ups (increasing reps by 2 each round) (EX. Your 2nd Round would be 4 PC, 4 Burpees, 4 FS, 4 Pushups)

POST: Mandatory Today (We will leave 10 minutes at the end of class for this) 5×5 Strict Pullups (Use a partner as assistance)


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We will be having the survey running til this Friday.  Please if you have not filled out the survey, take 10-15 minutes of your time and help us improve our community here at CrossFit NapTown.  We want to hear the voices and opinions of everyone who values CrossFit NapTown!  (At this point in time we have only had 35% of the gym respond)


Who’s Ready for the 2013 CrossFit Games!!!!


22 thoughts on “Survey Open Until this Friday”

  1. As RX’ed: Complete round of 12 reps + 3 Front Squats into the round of 14’s.
    A tough one, but keep pushing!

  2. As RX’ed: Completed round of 10 reps + 5 front squats into round of 12’s.
    Congrats, Josh! awesome stuff

  3. Hey Naptown!
    Hope all my CF peeps are doing great. And I will see you all soon!
    Yesterday we did this…
    3 1:30 rounds
    6 pullups
    9 HSPU
    24″/30″ box jumps to complete
    3 1:30 rounds
    6 pullups
    6 HSPU
    Du’s to complete
    —I got my first ever consecutive DU’s yesterday, a whopping 3 in a row! Then got so excited I couldn’t get anymore!

  4. Completed round of 10’s and 6 front squats into round of 12’s as rx’ed. Front Squats were definitely the hardest part.

      1. 1 million reps. Plus like 50 dead hang pullups post-workout. It was a really intense night for me.

  5. Thought about starting my 16 burpees but then decided! Naaaaaaaa! LOL. 14 + 16 pc. Cool workout! Front squats were the worst part for me.

  6. …b/c the coaches want more people with blog monikers… (thanks, Jena and Jenny…)
    REBOUND from yesterdays workout!
    WOD_10 + 1 Burpee, 135# RX’d!!!!!
    Post_5 overhand, 5 reverse, 5 strong man Rx
    Last WOD before Heading to Bagamoyo, Tanzania for a service project for two weeks. Will miss you guys. 🙂

  7. Sweaty and laying on the floor when the clock hit the 20 minute mark. Made it through 8’s plus 2 push-ups…10 more seconds and I could have claimed 10’s! Next time!