Bracket Buster Explanation & Paleo Meeting Tonight

We still have not officially opened the CFNT Team Bracket Buster to any other affiliates yet.  We will be giving CrossFit NapTown members one more day to organize teams and get registered.  We hope to have a few teams represent our gym during this competition.  We will be posting a sign up sheet for both Males and Females who are interested in competing.  Then you can contact each other to form a team.  (We will have to cap the number of teams coming from CFNT so be aware… first come, first serve so get on it.)

Also, please email Coach Jared ( if you are available either Friday, September 21st (evening) or all day Saturday, September 22nd.  We will need as much support as possible.  Judges, volunteers, staging equipment, cheerleaders, etc…

So if you are unable to compete or would rather watch your first competition but still want to take part, please email me as soon as possible. 

Thank You




Power Snatch Technique – Beginners

3-3-3-3-3-3-3 with 90 Seconds Rest – Advanced

Box Jump Discussion/Explanations

For time: 21-15-9 Power Snatch, 95#/65# Over Box jumps, 24″/20″ 10 minute cap

Post- Tabata HandStand Holds

Paleo Informational Meeting

Wednesday Night at 6pm

-This Meeting is to inform those who are interested in learning more about the Paleo / “Caveman” Diet.  Assistant Coach Merritt E. will be discussing the basics of the diet and answering any questions that you may have.  Now’s the time to prepare for the upcoming 2012 CFNT Fall Paleo Challenge that will start in October.   Learn now!!!

CLOSED this SATURDAY, August 11th

Sunday – Open Gym 11am-1pm



click>“Register Here” <click

Come join us on September 22nd to test the fitness of you and your teammates!

The format of this competition will be a double elimination tournament style bracket unlike anything you have seen in the CrossFit world. Picture a 16 team tournament bracket.

Before the tournament begins, we will have one Seeding Workout in which teams will be ranked #1-#16. After this opening workout, the first round will then begin where Team #1 will go head-to-head against Team #16, Team #2 vs. Team #15, etc… If you lose, your team will enter the Loser’s Bracket.

The Loser’s Bracket will allow teams to fight their way back to the Championship Match. *Each Team Guaranteed 3 Workouts (WODS)

NOTE** This competition is for the intermediate level CrossFitter inspiring to do great things and make great gains. If you are a previous Regional athlete (or qualifying athlete), whether Team or Individual, do not register but instead encourage those at your affiliate to do so.

The event will be capped at 16 teams so register soon before it’s too late!

Teams will consist of 2 men and 2 women from your affiliate; send in the names of the members of your team with your registration. Replacements will only be allowed on a case-by-case scenario based on injury or other unforeseen circumstances.

How to Register: 1) Pay through Paypal 2) Follow Email Directions Below Please email the following Information to:

Team Name: 1) 2 Male Teammates – Name, Date of Birth, Email Address, Affiliate Male Athlete #1: Male Athlete #2:

2) 2 Female Teammates- Name, Date of Birth, Email Address, Affiliate Female Athlete #1: Female Athlete #2:

*Please indicate one individual as the Team Captain* (this person will be the direct point of contact if issues are to arise)

Registration is $125 per team.

click>“Register Here” <click

We’ve had a few questions regarding skill level for this competition.  And this is the answer. “The first WOD will be manageable for any skill level.  Should you continue to win, each WOD will get progressively harder. Each WOD will be judged by a judge holding each person accountable to all movement standards across CrossFit. Each team will be guaranteed 3 workouts and each workout will be completely different.  Some WODs will include all 4 team members and others will include just 1 Male and 1 Female.”]]>

19 thoughts on “Bracket Buster Explanation & Paleo Meeting Tonight”

  1. CrossFit Naptown, I miss you guys! Still trying to find my Denver CrossFit “home.” Did this workout at CrossFit Denver tonight:
    Strict press 5X3 (45, 55, 65)
    Ring rows, box jumps (20), wall balls (14#)
    Also, I think you guys should be happy to know that I’ve mentioned Naptown at both boxes I’ve visited here, and at both places they knew about you! One of them was because of Jeanne’s daughter and the other was just because you are kind of a big deal. Hope everyone is doing well!

      1. You all are missed. We hope to see you in town in October for the tremendous 1 year party. exact date to be released soon. Also, who’s coming to our competition in Sept? Bring a team or a volunteer hat!

  2. Worked up to 125 on power snatches
    8:52 as RX’ed
    Handstand Holds we’re a nice way to finish off the WOD. Great job 6am.

  3. WOD – Rx-ed but DNF in allotted time, finished at 10:25, too much rest on power snatch.
    Hand stands I was able to hold 2 and then had to modify. But just a few weeks ago I couldn’t even do a hand stand.

  4. My snatch got taken through the ringer today…still pretty ugly. Worked up to 95#.
    WOD – Completed but took overtime to do so — 12:31 (started at 95# dropped to 75
    # after first set of 21).
    Felt good to get back at it after several days off.

  5. i think it was 8 mins and something.
    i only scaled to 85 lbs. should have gone for the 95 lbs.
    The HS holds at the end were good fun.

  6. Oh Snatch! Thank you (Coaches) for making this technique part of the fundamentals class last Thursday – it really helped!
    WOD: DNF 1 snatch and 9 Box left. Should have scaled better. Looking forward to hearing Jared’s thoughts on Rx-ing and Scaling in the near future.

  7. CrossFit NapTown’ers: Just FYI
    We have 3 CFNT Teams officially signed up for the CFNT Bracket Buster.
    We will be opening the registration to affiliates across Indiana starting tomorrow.

  8. Oucho!! WOD’d at 9:30 w 75# thanks to Jason V pushing me to go… My mind says no b4 my body does 🙁
    Thanks for letting me share in the Paleo mtg about Artie’s Paleo OnTheGo!

  9. WOD_9:16 @ 75
    24″ box completely cleared, “bunny rabbit” skills. 😉 First time I recycled reps too!
    Great energy in 7pm!