400M Walking Lunges


TODAY’S WORKOUT Field Trip (Fun Stuff)

WOD 400M Walking Lunges Score: Time and Number Count as Score (Count number of Lunges)

POST: 3x’s Max Distance HandStand Walk (Work with Partner on getting upside down)


Turn your volume up loud for this Video.  Great Technique on walking lunges!!!

Listen and Learn!!!


23 thoughts on “400M Walking Lunges”

  1. 14:40 with 346 steps.
    Handstand walks not so much…got about 3 or 4 baby steps. Did manage a headstand to handstand hold though.

  2. 16:11 with 357 steps. Definitely enjoyed that burn feeling towards the end.
    I couldn’t get my balance to do a handstand walk.

    1. i think i am calling in “lame” to work tomorrow.
      if i am this sore today, i can’t wait to see what kind of muscle soreness is in store for me!
      and does that waiver i signed when i joined CFNT cover me if i fall down flights of stairs b/c my legs don’t work anymore?

  3. 382 walking lunge steps in 15:22.
    I only walked about 3 steps in the handstand hold, but the grass was wet and I slipped. I would have made it further in that attempt if it wasn’t for the wet grass, but after that, I was too tired to do much of anything. I need to work on leg and core stability while upside down. It’s a whole new story when you’re off the wall:)

  4. Love field trip days!
    17:14 393
    I can walk on my hands a good 10 steps if someone puts an arm behind my legs. Did some cartwheels left and right handed b/c they are fun.

  5. 20:19 647 steps, ( modified for me)still pretty good I think, my legs hate me now but worth it, I say bring on tomorrow