5K Row Day!!!

Our Last 5K Row Day – Archive

(Click on the Link Above to see your last score… if you don’t have a score posted on that day then START POSTING YOUR SCORES!!)

[caption id="attachment_2923" align="aligncenter" width="576" caption="Megan T. rowing during the last event of the Project GLOC competition."][/caption]

Monday, April 30th-

9am and Noon Classes are cancelled!!!


26 thoughts on “5K Row Day!!!”

  1. 1st post, 1st 5K, 1st time I was told to touch my boobs at cross fit! It worked- time 23:38.9

  2. 25:17- A PR, since I’ve never done it.
    I touched my boobs and a medicine ball fell on my face twice. All in all, a good morning!

  3. I’m definitely excited to try this one later, my last 5k row was the day after completing a lifting focused CFNT wod and a heavy wod from the GLI.
    Sub 21min here I come!!

    1. finished in 21:02 with a 23 average stroke rate, not the time I wanted but it was 31 seconds faster than last time

  4. I also had to “touch my boobs!” Thanks for the Advice, Peter… I mean, Liz.
    You know it’s a good workout when you get two new blisters!

  5. i about feel as affectionate toward rowing as i do toward double-unders & pull ups. at least i can only get better!
    first 5k row in 23:54

  6. First 5K row today at 22:56.9
    Around the 3000-2000m distance, I had to shut my eyes and pretend that I was rowing down an inlet off of Ressurection Bay in Seward, Alaska 🙂 I needed the imagery to motivate me. Thank’s everyone from the 9AM class for the big push at the end to finish strong!

  7. Not thrilled with 27:23.3 for my first 5K row time but still feel great about doing it! Lots of thanks to Elyse and Kate for cheering and making me push till the end. I would have definitely gotten a slower time without you guys!!

  8. Amazing day today! If you haven’t yet, please submit your time to the blog. I love watching people reach new PR’s all day!

  9. I wanted to come in under 20 mins because my last time was 22 and change but that didn’t happen… I did shave 1 min off of my time and finish @ 21:46 🙂 I’m def ok w that!!