6 weeks later, Retest your CF Total

[/caption]                 Only 1 more full day of Paleo before a little break. Please be careful and do not rush off the Paleo diet. If you rush to grab the nearest piece of bread, candy bar, or beer it will be a nasty hangover. Please ease into it. Thank you all for being our first members and helping us take the steps to becoming such an amazing community. Keep working hard and enjoying the benefits of CrossFit. We will have a bit of an open format today. It takes most people around 1hr 15min to complete total. We will start each class as normal, but we will not hold you to 1 hour. ***Please take your time and warm up to your heavy lifts. DO NOT rush into your max. We will discuss this in class!]]>

12 thoughts on “6 weeks later, Retest your CF Total”

  1. squat 365 / press 185 / dead lift 365 = 915
    Squat was a lot better than last time.
    I wasted myself by jumping too high, too soon on strict press.
    And I need to work on dead lift in a bad way. I’ve got a lot to work on.
    previous total :
    squat 315 / press 180 / dead lift 320 = 815

  2. PR on back squat 305! Still need to get to 350 to make me happy. Press was not there today 160. Dead lift was 405 happy, but need to get back to 450.
    Total was 880.

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  4. Back squat @ 355lbs
    Press @ 195lbs
    Deadlift @ 455lbs
    Total = 1005lbs
    All PR’s, and a lot of fun. Curious if I could have done more on the back squat and deadlift. The belt makes a big difference. My shoulder didn’t feel good so I didn’t expect a big jump in my press.