6pm is a normal class Tonight. No Fundamentals or Intro!

11 thoughts on “6pm is a normal class Tonight. No Fundamentals or Intro!”

  1. Holy shoulders, batman!
    Lowest Tabata Scores:
    Burpees – 5
    Goblet Squats – 7
    DNF in the 25 minute time cap for me, but I was close! I did one of the two Wall Climbs (Round 9 of the couplet).

  2. I second that Josh!
    Holy crazy workout Batman!
    a big DNF on this killer.
    Made it to my 3rd WC on round 4WC/7KBS

  3. Nice work Josh and Liz.
    Tabata: 4/5
    Had to modify to accomodate for my general lack of toughness. Sub WC’s with catepillar hand release push-ups. 18 min and change.

  4. Great work 6am and 9am! This is a beast of a WOD. You all did amazing. Let’s see how this plays out throughout today.

  5. Here’s the deal, if Rich and Dan are cool enough to make signs for a picture you all are cool enough to make some awesome signs for ESPN to catch on film?
    Who going to have the best sign this weekend?
    This was posted on the CrossFit Central East page. can we challenge them?

  6. Awesome job today 6am, especially Josh. Thanks for the push and motivation.
    Tabata Burpees: 7
    Tabata Goblet: 5
    WOD: DNF either (5 of 8 Power Clean’s, Round 8). WC’s got easier when I started coupling them 2 at a time.

  7. Tabata Burpees: 4
    Tabata Goblet Squats: 5
    Finished 4WC/7 Power Clean (75# scaled)
    – shoulder strength isn’t there quite yet and was only able to wall climb at an angle. Couldn’t get all the way up.

  8. tabata goblets: 10
    tabata burpees: 6
    WOD: 23:21 rx’ed
    thank you martin, for guilting me into rx-ing.
    great programming shannon!!!

  9. tabata burpees: 6
    tabata goblet squats (1 pood):13
    WOD: 20:32 RXed – the wall climbs were the ‘fun’ part about this one

  10. 1 pood goblet squats: 7
    burpees: 3 I think? maybe 4
    Holy crap on those wall climbs!
    WOD: DNF 80# Power Cleans
    Got through 4/9 wall climbs