And the Winners of the First CFNT Paleo Challenge is…

CrossFit NapTown Paleo Challenge January 9th – February 2nd, 2012 Summary:  For those who don’t check the CFNT website (which you do since you are reading this), the CFNT Paleo Blog, the CFNT Twitter page, or the CFNT Facebook Page… we had a CFNT Paleo Challenge (and yes, that is a jab at those who don’t pay attention to our announcements and say “I didn’t know that!!!”…as they are announced on numerous platforms). The Paleo Challenge started with roughly 31 Members and ended with 22.  It’s called a “Challenge” for a reason.  Choosing a certain lifestyle of eating choices is a difficult task and to those who completed the challenge should be Congratulated!  This proves that you can do anything for 25 days if you put your mind to it. The challenge was not all about weight loss but more so a way of introducing a new lifestyle and educating one another on a new topic… “The Paleolithic Diet.”  The challenge had a list of rules in order to be eligible for prizes. Criteria:

  1. Weight Loss Percentage
  2. Waist/Hip Ratio Change
  3. Before/After Photos
  4. PRE/POST Paleo – WOD 1
  5. PRE/POST Paleo – WOD 2
  6. MUST POST at MINIMUM 4x’s Per Week on the CFNT Paleo Blog.

TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS by CFNT MEMBERS (22 Members)  = 162.3 lbs

(NOTE: This was completed in 25 days)  


 Eric Gardner Starting Weight – 210.6 Ending Weight – 196.8 Weight Loss – 13.8 Percentage Weight Loss – 6.55%



Leslie Gardner Starting Weight – 146.6 Ending Weight – 142.6 Weight Loss – 4 Percentage Weight Loss – 2.73%


Other Winners

Most Post / Food Blog Posts – Liz Gottlin I encourage everyone to go on the Paleo blog to read some of Liz’s poems. They were absolutely amazing. Each included references to Paleo with creative and witty twists. Special Stuff! Here is just one of the many poems you missed out on during the Paleo Challenge. From Day 21…

The things that I miss Are about to return Can I resist That latte I yearn?

The hummus bean spread that is so good on my carrot Or the taste of baked bread will disappoint Merrit!

I think a nice balance between caveman and me Will be my new talent The future will see

Overall Weight Loss (%) – Joe Stuckey Starting Weight- 223.4 Ending Weight – 205.4 Weight Loss – 18 Percentage Weight Loss – 8.06%


I would like to Congratulate and Thank everyone for their participation and support through our first Paleo Challenge.  There will be others in the future… probably starting sometime in the Spring to get us all Summer-Time Beach Body Ready!!!!!



3 rounds A1 2 Ascents Rope Climbs A2 Single Leg Box Jumps A3 Chicken Pecks


Front Squat/ Push Up 135/95 1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4,5,5…

On the minute for every minute for as long as you can go. Your score will be the amount of Reps you can get to within the allotted minute time frame.]]>

24 thoughts on “And the Winners of the First CFNT Paleo Challenge is…”

  1. WOD – 8 rounds (65 lbs squat, push-ups from knees)…stopped after 8 because of wrist strain, need to focus more on keeping my elbows up in front rack during squats

  2. Congratulations to the amazing duo of Team Gardner! You are both such a great part of the CFNT community and your dedication to the Paleo Challenge was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all your posts throughout the challenge and your win is well deserved!
    Congrats to Liz and her daily poems- this was such a treat to check the blog and see what amazingness she created. It always gave me a smile.
    Congrats to Joe and your significant weight loss- that is super impressive!
    To celebrate we should have some coconut ice cream and paleo brownies 🙂 Any takers?

    To All Members,
    We first want to apologize for posting this on such a great day of celebration for The Gardners. Their accomplishment is beyond amazing and we are very proud of their hard-work.
    However, Peter and I have a favor to ask.
    It’s just come to our attention that we have a “very negative” review of our gym on Google Maps from an anonymous individual named “Ryan.” If the information were accurate and we felt we warranted a demeaning review, then we would not be writing this.
    But Peter and I have put a great deal of hard work into CrossFit NapTown and still being in our infancy a review like this could be damaging.
    Whether this review is from a robot, competing gym, or just a random nobody, we can not have it taken down by Google.
    If you enjoy our services, have seen results, and believe in the CFNT community we ask that you please write a review to drone out the negative review.
    We both believe criticism only makes you better. However, we have only had two Ryans join us for a class over two months ago and this was posted 3 days ago. We know we can’t please everyone and you will always have your critics but we believe this is a false representation of our CFNT community.
    Thanks ahead of time! And please only write something if you truly believe it.
    Coach Jared

  4. If I find this “Ryan” character he is going to rue the day he posted this! And with all the awesome training I have been getting, he is screwed! I will 1 foot box jump his ass. No really, I will, because I can. And then I will handstand pushup on his face! Cause I can do that too. And maybe I will rope climb up high enough to jump and land on his head, before clean jerking 188#’s of regret into…ok I am getting carried away. I have never even hit a person. But don’t mess with Naptown!
    Take that!

  5. Oh yea! And I miss the Paleo blog.
    But this one will suffice until the next challenge!
    8 full rounds
    9th round didn’t make pushups
    10th did the squats
    11th, watched Kim and Eileen rock it out!

  6. WOD: 8rounds + 9FS
    FS scaled to #63. those push-ups were what killed me, but i am happy i’m not doing them with my knees down anymore!
    also, i finally found a skill i kind of love…i could chicken peck for days. 🙂

  7. 11 rds + 7 FS as rx’d
    I was out of my mind to do that WOD today. Just did the Super Bowl WOD 2rds of 5 snatch 12 C&J 46 BS yesterday and that’s not including the Wall Ball’s and air squats the day before that. Good test of mental toughness and lesson on the importance of rest.

  8. 8 full rounds (135#) until my wrists couldn’t take the weight anymore. Fun workout!
    I also had my first complete rope climb today. Cool stuff.

  9. took on a mental battle of a 30min row today, completed 7667 total meters. Pretty happy staying strong, my avg/500m was 1:57.4.
    Did today’s wod with the 6:30 crew. Got 12 rounds and 5 pushups. great mental battle to remind myself I had no reason to set the bar down.
    Pretty tired, but feeling solid tonight.

  10. we did this back in August in my back yard,
    August 24, 2011 at 12:22 pm
    The RX weights are 135/95
    10 rds + 11 front squats rx’d
    my legs got burned quick on this one.
    First few rounds are social rounds, then you realize work must be done. Overall a pretty fun workout. Careful, the push ups can sneak up on you too.

  11. For those going to the hockey game tomorrow night, we will be meeting at the gym to carpool. BE THERE BY 6:30 if you want to join the carpool! AGAIN, BE THERE BY 6:30!! Thanks!
    For the WOD 10+6 push ups…I should have made it to 11, but oh well, next time

  12. 1. I was able to make it up the rope tonight without starting on a box….oh yeah! I didn’t go up all the way because I wanted to focus on my feet and keeping them locked. Oh, and I worked on descending the rope since that scares me. Not as scary now!
    2. Single leg box jumps were fun!
    3. Chicken pecks are so not what I thought they were! Those are a good test of balance and strength.
    I was able to get 7 FS and 1 PU. I did 73# and that was pretty difficult for me. I also realized how tired I was from making up Tuesday’s WOD last night. My left leg started to cramp up during the WOD. Can’t win them all!
    PS–Ryan is going down!

  13. Congrats Team Gardner. Shows what team work can do. That’s what makes crossfit so much fun.
    WOD- 10 rounds at 95#

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