ANNOUNCEMENTS: Make Up / Mobility / Skills / SuckList day


If you would like your results (Measurements, Before/After Pictures, etc.. ) sent to you make sure I have a working email address on file for you.  You would be surprised how many bounce backs we get when we try to send out emails.




What: Indianapolis Ice Hockey Game When: Saturday, February, 11th, 7:00PM Where: Pepsi Coliseum,  Indianapolis State Fairgrounds Why: Because we just finished Paleo and need to celebrate before the CrossFit Open Begins! And because it will be fun! Bring friends and family!! Cost: $9 a ticket Tickets: Available for purchase at CFNT via cash or credit.  Just let Coach Jared, Peter, or Martin know you would like 1,2,3, or 4 (or more) and we will be glad to help out.  We have them on hand with us at the gym. Questions?: For more information email Martin… Meeting at the gym prior to the game to carpool may be an option if enough people are interested.  We’ll keep you posted.  


An in-depth article on why you should do so is coming next week.


5 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENTS: Make Up / Mobility / Skills / SuckList day”

  1. What is all the Box Jump Bonanza Business?
    Did 6AM miss out on a party?
    Bummer, box jumps are my favorite!

    1. Sorry Liz!
      I was having too much fun with the agility ladder and we didn’t have time to get through the box jump obstacle course…
      Josh has put fear in me to not run over time during the 6am class so I always play it safe.
      I’ll make it up to the 6am’ers soon!

  2. Made up for Monday’s workout. I found that after I did the first forty sit-ups, I had to assist myself up by pulling on my legs for the rest of them. I hope that is okay. Hopefully, as I keep doing these, I won’t have to assist anymore! I couldn’t do the double unders yet – I’ll keep practicing! The amazing thing is that I did 150 sit-up moves, I never thought I would do that! Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. I made up Tuesday’s WOD.
    Deadlifts 3-3-3-3-3
    I worked up to 163# with Martin’s help. Thanks for the push!
    5 rounds of
    1 power snatch
    2 OHS
    3 wall climbs
    4 muscle ups
    5 deadlifts
    Time of 12:01
    I did the WOD at a weight of 63#. That was 10# heavier than I usually do for my OHS. That movement held me back a little in the power snatch, but a lot in the deadlift. It was really easy to deadlift that, especially after I did 100 more pounds just before. Those wall climbs were killer! My arms were shaking and I was out of breath getting over to my muscle up scales of ring dips/pushups. I worked on getting closer to the wall each time than usual. I found it difficult to trust myself when my arms starting shaking. Add it to the improvement list!