Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Spotlight

In honor of AAPI Heritage Month, we wanted to take the time to lift up and highlight the family of one of our Myriad community members. Check out the video below and a read a bit about why Dr. Nguyen started this project.

“My name is Phil Hong Nguyen and I am a Vietnamese American. I am proud to be both Vietnamese and American today, though that was not always the case when I was growing up in Indiana. Looking to the future, I am proud of where we are heading as a nation today – seeing representation on TV and movies of faces that look like mine being normal everyday characters of husband, wife, doctor, lawyer, uber driver, etc… When I was young, I only saw faces like mine in Kung Fu movies, or as restaurant owners and laundromat owners. 

During the first months of Covid-19, I was scared that I would lose one of my brothers and sisters. So I flew back to Indiana and interviewed them all about our journey from Vietnam to America. I created this documentary for my family so that my nieces and nephews can understand what their parents went through to get to America. Each one of us has our own stories and I encourage you to document the stories that make you special!”
– Phil Hong Nguyen, MD