Bootcamp Weekly Preview : 10/4-10/10

starting the week out with a bit of unilateral accessory work to make sure we are checking in on our balance from left to right. We will then get into a tough chipper with high reps on one movement to get through as your main workout focus and work to do on a dumbbell every minute to slow you down.

getting into a long AMRAP for our Tuesday fitness. Get ready to run, press, carry, and work through an isometric hold in today’s bit of fun!

kicking things off today with accessory work for your shoulders, hips, and side abs. Your workout will be a descending ladder on a couplet that starts with fairly high reps but will descend nicely as you go along.

our first piece of the day will be another nice bit of accessory work, this time getting into the anterior core. You will follow it up with a medium length AMRAP with low reps and fast movements for a higher intensity piece.

working into some intervals to close out the week – playing with a kettlebell, jump rope, and running. You will have 4:00 to complete your work each round, the faster you get done, the more rest you will enjoy before starting again.

starting our day off with a bit of shoulder and posterior accessory work to get us moving and grooving. We will then dive into a nice, long cardio piece with machine work to start and end the workout with high rep bodyweight work in the middle for the meat of your fitness sandwich.