Bootcamp Weekly Preview : 6/13-6/18

we will be starting our week out with a little accessory work pairing some bodyweight movements with isometric holds in an on the minute format. Our workout will be a classic pairing of burpees with a thruster for a spicy start to the week.

getting into some interval fun for our Tuesday fitness! You will be running, jumping, and lunging your way through this workout with rest throughout to keep your intensity up.

getting the day started with accessory work for the shoulders and posterior chain. Your workout will be more intervals, this time working with sprints and longer rest periods to change up the stimulus.

back on the longer workout grind for your Thursday in a date with a med ball workout. You will cycle through three different med ball movements for a longer AMRAP today. We will also have an added running piece at the start and middle of the workout to break up the med ball work.

working through some accessory work to get you moving, focusing on unilateral strength today before diving into a quicker couplet to close out the week. This will be a descending ladder of DB work and a burpee variation.

back on the canal for our third weekend of community days! Be sure to meet at the North end of the canal rather than at the 916 building.