Bootcamp Weekly Preview : 6/21-6/26

we will be starting our week out with a longer AMRAP with slam balls, push ups, and a core movement with work every 5:00 to get you outside with your slam ball! Be ready for a nice sweat session to start your week out with this one.

working on some intervals today with farmer carry work to get each interval kicked off before working into the meat of the workout. We will be pairing DBs and jump roping work for the scored portion of the day for a some fast paced action.

working into a longer workout today featuring ALL OF THE CARDIO! Today is a perfect day to push yourself mentally and build your engine.

working through some unilateral and rotational core accessory work to get our day started. We will then work into a couplet of KB work and box jumps in an interval piece. You will end up doing the same workout three time over with three different variations of rep schemes. Join us today to see how steady you can be across all three versions!

working through some pulling and pushing accessory work to kick off the day today. You will then close the day out with some one minute intervals for max reps with a few strength movements and core work for a nice close out to our week.

finishing off our outdoor community workouts with an ascending ladder of some bodyweight movements with a run after each set for a fun end to our time outside in June!