Bootcamp Weekly Preview : 6/28-7/4

getting our week started with some gymnastics skill work and core prep for the day ahead. Our AMRAP will be a classic little triplet with bodyweight work and some running to get your week started right!

switching things up today with more of a strength piece to kick things off working on our squat, pull, and press. Your workout will be an interval piece with some rowing and jump roping intervals.

More interval work today, this time with :45 work and :15 rest pieces for fast bursts of work and quick rests before getting right back into it!

getting into a triplet for our Thursday work. You will be biking, jumping, and working with a med ball here in high rep fashion!

more quick paced intervals for your Friday fun! We will be working through a sequence of TABATAs to close out the week and send you off for the holiday weekend.

getting through a little chipper for our Saturday fitness session. You will work through the chipper starting with a run and carry before some work inside before resting to repeat the same sequence in the reverse order for a second time.