Bootcamp Weekly Preview : 7/12-7/17

getting our week started with a bit of a strength EMOM. We will be pairing a swing with a row to work on strengthening the entire posterior chain. Our workout will be a 10:00 AMRAP with biking, squatting, and get up get downs. The reps are on the lower side for all three movements to help you keep your pace up and constantly be moving form one movement to the next.

we will be diving into a TABATA series today with four different movements. You will work through each movement for all 8 intervals followed by a longer rest period before starting the next movement. The movements will be a good mix of bodyweight and weighted movements.

taking our fitness outside today with running intervals! Join us to work on your running speed and stamina in the first part of your workout today. Remember that we can always modify to a different cardio option and still join the fun if running is not a good choice for you. We will work through some isometric holds and unilateral work as a little finisher for the day.

another interval style workout coming at you today, this time with a series of DB movements broken up with rowing. You will end up repeating the sequence three times with a rest after each round.

closing our work week out with a pyramid workout where we will start with lower reps, build up in reps to a peak, and then descend back down to close things out. Bring your jump ropes for today!

enjoying a little dumbbell complex in an ascending ladder with a run thrown in after each set to break things up.