Bootcamp Weekly Preview : 7/5-7/11

kicking off the week with a fun MOVE workout to celebrate the holiday!

getting into a longer AMRAP today to start our short work week. This will be a fun combination of gymnastics skills and cardio to get your heart rate up and practice some harder skills.

your day will start with some core prep to get things moving and get you ready for the workout ahead. We will be cycling through a series of 1:00 efforts for max reps with 1:00 rest following every round.

working into an ascending ladder AMRAP today. Pacing will be the name of the game to keep you from burning out after the first few quick rounds with lower reps before the reps get higher.

closing the work week out with intervals full of DB work, jump roping, and bodyweight work. Be smart about the rep range you choose to ensure you are challenged while still being able to rest after each round.

getting our weekend workout in with a partner this week! This will be a fun combination of sharing the load and doing the work in sync so everyone gets a good challenge for the day.