Bootcamp Weekly Preview : 8/2-8/7

getting things going with some unilateral accessory work. We will then work through a fun interval piece with a descending ladder of some bodyweight movements with a run and rest following each set.

a nice long workout to get your Tuesday going, full of carries, double unders, and some med ball fun.

starting our day with LOTS of cardio on the bike – remember this can be easily modified for your skill level on the bike and working on our weaknesses is the only way we can make them strengths! Our finisher today will be lots of core work intervals to wrap up a fun class.

working into some bodyweight and cardio intervals for our main piece today. Get ready for a hard effort with a bit of rest to help you keep your intensity up.

more intervals to close out the work week, this time with really short work and rest pieces in an alternating TABATA format. The intervals will be mixed up as you go throughout the day with a good variety of bodyweight work, DBs, and slam balls.

closing the week out with an ascending ladder some gymnastics work, unilateral movements, and KBs.