Bootcamp Weekly Preview : 9/13-9/19

starting the week off with a pair of couplets with a bit of rest between the two. Both will be a more basic movement paired with a higher level skill. You will close the day out with mobility before heading out for the day to help you stay prepared for the rest of the week.

getting into some longer interval work for your Tuesday fitness! You’ll work through cardio, posterior chain work, and core as you go about your fitness today. We will finish the day out with a bit of posterior and core accessory work to cap off the day.

our mid-week fitness will be a nice series of couplets today in an ascending ladder. All three pieces will be quick with a short rest interval in between to keep your intensity up. You will finish the day out with a bit of accessory work for your shoulders and midline before calling it a day.

getting into a descending ladder workout for the day. You will have a triplet of carries, jump roping, and core to work through today.

you will have three pieces in today’s workout – kicking the day off with a nice shoulder accessory EMOM before getting into a nice four-round workout with running and a DB burpee variation and finally closing the day out with some mobility work.

closing the week out with a longer, 10-round workout to finish off the day. You will be working through a nice mix of cardio, KB work, and an isometric hold piece.