CFNT Endurance

Skills Waiter’s Walks Dumbbells or Kettlebells 3×100 FT = (100FT = There and back twice = 4 lengths) Then Rowing Interval 8 x 1 Min Row 1 Min Rest 1:1 Row to Rest Ratio Congratulations to CFNT Members Doug L. and Oskar V. on attending the CrossFit Endurance Certification at CrossFit Indy North this past weekend.  Along with Coach Jared they were taught how to POSE run… Posture, Lean, and Lift.

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  Upcoming Events:

Yoga- Wednesday Night at 7pm

Thursday- Fundamentals at 6pm – RUNNING SEMINAR w/ Coach Jared

Saturday- AM CLASSES ARE CANCELLED (sign up for CF for Hope heat)

Pride Parade at 10am CrossFit For Hope – Please email Coach Jared: to sign up for a heat. CrossFit For Hope Heats: 12:00pm 12:20pm 12:40pm 1:00pm 1:20pm 1:40pm 2:00pm

Indianapolis Indians Game @ 7pm – Talk to Coach Martin or email him at Must purchase ticket by Thursday evening. $12 Each for tickets.  You can also sign up and pay Coach Peter or Jared if you plan on attending.


15 thoughts on “CFNT Endurance”

  1. Row interval:
    Best- 236
    Worst- 224
    Total- 1987
    Carried the blue kettle bell (1.25 pood) on last waiter’s walk.

  2. worked up to 70# DB for waiter’s walk
    Row interval
    best: 290
    worst: 262
    total: 2342

  3. It was like the Queen’s Jubilee @ 6AM today!
    Best 259
    Worst 232
    total 2178 or 2167
    Gray KB, 36ish pounds.
    Right arm kicks left arms butt!

  4. Best: 317
    Worst: 275
    Total: 2339
    My first three rounds were over 300, but I couldn’t keep up the pace. My strokes/m were too high.

  5. Row interval:
    Best- 256
    Worst- 248
    Total- 2048
    Got up to 45#s on the last waiter’s walk.
    Also set my *ambitious* goals on the board tonight for 12/31!

  6. Adam Lassetter

    326 high 299 low 2480 total
    Waiter walk couple rounds w/ #100 db.. Need bigger weights fellas’

  7. Crosspost from Thursday:
    Made up Tuesday:
    Didn’t do the waiter walks due to wrist injury.