Check Out CFNT's New Website Feature – Monthly Member Profile

Check Out CFNT’s New Website Feature – Monthly Member Profile found under the About tab on the front page of the website.  Every month we will be profiling a member to explore his/her lives outside the realm of CrossFit.  Learn what makes those tick next to you and what drives them to be a CrossFitter.

For our first profile, we have member, Eileen Cantrell (wife of Assistant Coach Jared “Moises” Cantrell) who shares her thoughts on how traveling and CrossFit go hand in hand.

Click Here to listen for yourself!  or Go to the “About” tab at the top and click on “Monthly Member Profile”

Make Up / Mobility / Skills / Sucklist Day

Make Up – the WODs from this week if you missed one. Mobility – Roll out on a foam roller or lacrosse ball. Use bands to assist you in stretching. Skills – Fine tune your muscle up, kipping P/U, pistol, ring handstand push up, etc.! Sucklist – Simply Put…Work on things you SUCK at! (things that you want to be better at)



8 thoughts on “Check Out CFNT's New Website Feature – Monthly Member Profile”

  1. Made up yesterday’s Bear Challenge.
    65-75-95-115-135(3 reps)
    Lots of fun! I love throwing in the random challenging workouts like this!

  2. Note to self….class starts at 6:00am, not 6:30! Had a kick butt workout anyway, walked away with jelly legs, but feel great.
    2000 meter row and 250 air squats in 22.50 minutes. Grandma was moving!

    1. Great work Jeanne! No worries on the time mix up, it will happen as you get used to it. Keep up the hard work.

  3. I made up Tuesday’s WOD tonight and it had to be altered since we didn’t have the 50 degree weather. So…5 rounds for time of 400 m row and then 50 air squats. I finished in 18:40. My hips were screaming:)
    Post: I tried to use less assistance from the red band on my ring dips. My arms are shaking less which is an improvement to me:)

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