Check The Blog Daily!

  • Starting on Monday 7/30/2012 our 6am is changing to 5:45am and 7am. There will no longer be a 6am class.

  • We have added two new assistant Coach’s to our staff. Keep your eye out for Merritt and Butch around the gym!

  • Shannon wants to add another yoga class. What works better, Tuesday morning/midday or Saturday Morning?


    Today’s Workout:

    4rds 500m row 400m run 25 Hand Release push ups (yes that is 100 push ups 🙂 Post-30 side twist (25/15-back and forth=1) Tonight’s Fundamentals will be everything Mobility in the gym! Come get fit.   Here is a really cool video of a guy doing the “impossible”  ]]>

    16 thoughts on “Check The Blog Daily!”

    1. Hot one today!!! It’s b/c Kim was back in town 🙂 so awesome to have her back for the day.

    2. 27:54. Pushups from the knees.
      Thanks Peter for the twist of hand release pushups 🙂

    3. I guess this no 6AM class is because of my departure. I really can’t blame you guys. It is just too hard to be reminded of the awesomeness that was 6AM. Just kidding! You guys are all amazing, whatever time class starts.
      Keep smilin’ in Naptown!

      1. Liz, it’s like retiring a jersey. We have to hang up the 6AM mantle now that you moved away from us!

    4. It’s sad that I like to look at this blog throughout the day and get pumped up about the work outs. Especially since I can’t even come today! haha! I will be there at 4pm tomorrow. It’s been awhile since I’ve been excited about working out. It feels really good. 🙂 Thanks to all the coaches and members for creating such a kick ace atmosphere!

    5. Per Peter’s request: My vote is for Saturday morning Yoga. A Team WOD and then a great stretch/yoga session would make for a good start to a Saturday.

    6. Peter gave a great Fundamentals on Mobility tonight, and Shannon did an awesome job of explaining the importance of breathing and mindset during our WODs.
      Kudos also to Butch for helping better explain why the mobility stretches worked.

    7. 34:44 Shout out to Sloane–thank you for finishing/pushing me through that last round! (Reasons like this is why I LOVE CFNT!!!)
      Coach Jared-I wasn’t intentionally ignoring you when you asked if I knew my shorts matched my shoes… I was so hot/exhausted I couldn’t get the words out 🙂