Chicago Fire Department Tribute WOD

Coach Peter and Jared performing the WOD with a 25# weight vests. TIME: 21:26 We are taking this WOD from CrossFit Chicago and honoring the CFD and all servicemen and women around the world who do not get to be with their loved ones this holiday season. CFD (Chicago Fire Department) Memorial Workout Who: All are welcome What: A special memorial workout Teams of 2 Complete the Following: 72 Burpees 126 Wall Balls (20/14) 34 Deadlifts (225/155) 49 Box Jumps (30/24) (24/20 fully geared) 23 Down and Back (50ft) Single-Arm Farmer’s Carry (2/1.5 pood) (switch hands at end of down carry) 1 person working at a time. Workout must be completed in order. Why: Please read below Where: CFNT When: Christmas EVE CFD Memorial Workout From a dedicated Firemen and Member at CrossFit Chicago -Brian Clark The smell of smoke loomed heavy as Engine 72,Engine 126, Tower Ladder 34, Truck 49 and Battalion 23 were dispatched on the cold morning of December 22, 2010 at 06:48. 1744 E. 75th street was a blaze, and when the first companies arrived on the scene they found a small fire in a abandoned building. Without hesitation, all companies went to work extinguishing the fire and searching out victims. The fire was quickly contained. At 07:07 during routine overhaul operations the building suddenly collapsed trapping multiple Firefighters. A mayday was called and the scene quickly turned chaotic as all available firefighters started searching the rubble for their trapped brothers. In all 14 firefighters were injured and two died in the line of duty: Edward Stringer, a 12-year veteran, and Cory Ankum, a member of the department for two years died. The Chicago Tribune reports that Ankum was a former Chicago cop who joined the Chicago Fire Department’s Engine 72 a year ago and was described as a favorite at the firehouse at 79th and South Chicago.The father of three children under 12 years old including a 1 year old. Stringer had 2 grown children and lived alone. He was the best neighbor we’ve ever had in the 50 years we’re living here,” said an elderly woman who lived down the block from his brick Cape Cod home on the West Side. “For those that wish to make a donation, please visit Ignite the Spirit.”]]>

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  1. 29:56 w Erica and Dave
    We added reps to balance out the extra person. 185 on the DL for Dave and I. Erica was at like 85 for the DL’s