"Cindy" – REMEMBER 7AM Class has been Temporary Cancelled Until Further Notice

Back Squat Advanced 5×2 @ 92% Intermediate 4×3 @ 86%

WOD “Cindy” AMRAP 20 Minutes 5 Pull Ups 10 Push Ups 15 Squats POST: L Sits – 4x 15 second holds Use the PVC Parallettes.  

For those who may be interested leading up to the holiday season.  The competition will be taking place Sunday, December 18th.  There are a few divisions including a Men’s and Women’s Elite Division as well as a Men’s and Women’s Intermediate Division for those newer to CrossFit but interested in the competitive aspect.

Click the link for more information or ask Coach Jared or Peter.



9 thoughts on “"Cindy" – REMEMBER 7AM Class has been Temporary Cancelled Until Further Notice”

  1. Just an FYI
    HOLIDAY HOURS for next week.
    Monday – Wednesday = Normal Hours
    Thursday & Friday = CLOSED
    Saturday – 9:30am Class, 10:30am Class,
    11:30am-1pm Open Gym
    Sunday – 11am Class
    – Noon-1pm Open Gym

  2. 23+1 pull up. Would like to get to 26. Need to work on my pushups. Paleo is treating me well, I’ve been feeling really solid lately.

  3. 12 plus 13 AS (sooo close to the 13th round)
    no band on the pull-ups, and I need to work on my kip