Citta Zoe Lowden performs a low lunge at Myriad Yoga

“In pure consciousness, all divisions finally dissolve.” — Rajiv Argarwal

Weekly Focus: Citta — consciousness, all that is perceived + all that can be perceived

Citta is our consciousness — the space that holds all perceivable things, making Citta, all that is perceived, and all that may be perceived.

Our consciousness emanates from ourselves with infinite waves. When we find space to calm the monkey mind or mental chatter, we may recognize our continuity with all energies inside and outside of us — a direct result of our divine and infinite nature.

CItta is our perception and intake of the external world. By nature our Citta is calm and still, but our thoughts (perceptions, beliefs, narratives, etc) pass through the mind creating waves across our consciousness. These choppy waves are the monkey mind (mental chatter) that leaves us distracted or anxious, the distracting thoughts that can be hard to subdue.

Our consciousness has a constant feedback loop of taking in information, analyzing, naming, storing, and sending our perceptions back into the world. When those perceptions become harmful or negative, what are we allowing to emanate forth? By taking time to still and calm the waters of the mind, we can be more observant of our perceptions, and choose how we wish to navigate or adjust them. This pause will allow us to control what perceptions flow back out into the world around us. 

Here are a few ways to practice stilling the waters of the mind:

  1. Download your favorite meditation app and start your day with 10 min of guided meditation to prepare yourself for your best day.
  2. Take 5 min to practice breathing in the middle of your day. Add a count to your breath to help you stay focused on the inhale and the exhale.
  3. Take 5 – 10 min to free write in a journal each night. Set a time, put your pen to paper, and write whatever flows out, whether it makes sense or not.
Passive Pose of the Week: Vajrasana (Thunderbolt / Diamond Pose)

pronunciation CLICK HER

Find stillness + calm in the body before bringing stillness + calm to the mind in this seated posture.

  • Begin in a kneeling position. Pad the knees with a blanket if you like.
  • Sit back onto your feet, allowing your seat to land on your heels.
  • If it is uncomfortable sit back on your heels, trying bringing one or two yoga blocks beneath your seat to help you sit upright and tall. A thickly folded blanket may also work well.
  • Allow your spine to lift upright, with your shoulders floating over your hips. Hands may rest in your lap.
Active Pose of the Week: Anjaneyasana (Low Lunge Pose)

pronunciation CLICK HERE

Take a moment of pause in this deep lunge to connect deeply with your mind, body + spirit!

  1. Begin in downward facing dog.
  2. Step your right foot forward and allow your left knee to drop to the ground.
  3. Lift your arms up to frame frame your face, reaching overhead.
  4. Hold for about three breaths. After three breaths you may find that you can sink deeper, allowing your front knee to lunge further forward.
  5. Deepen the lunge and find three more full and intentional breaths.

Anjaneyasana has so many ways to modify and explore this pose. We actually love to being this pose with our hangs resting on the front thigh, taking time to ground into the legs and find a stable base of support. Once you feel steady, you might explore adding a small backbend, a side bend or a twist to the pose. All of these upper body variations will create a brand new experience in the body for you. Try them out and notice how you connect with each position.

Join us in class this week to practice stilling and calming the mind!! See the schedule HERE.