CLOSED SATURDAY AND SUNDAY…Great Lakes Invitational Hosted at CrossFit Indy North

CLOSED SATURDAY AND SUNDAYGreat Lakes Invitational Hosted at CrossFit Indy North this Saturday, January 14th and Sunday January 15th.

Come support CrossFit NapTown and wear your team gear proud.  Let’s show the CrossFit community what we are all about!

Info for this weekend: Jared “Moises” Cantrell: Heat M3 participant #33: WOD times for Sat… 10:13, 1:47, 4:40. Peter Brasovan: Heat M4 participant #48: times 10:32am, 2:03pm, 4:52pm. (Coach) Jared Byczko: Heat M6 participant #69: heat start times 11:10am, 2:34pm, 5:16pm Anna Rode: Heat W3 participant #31: heat start times 8:38am, 12:30pm, 2:40pm

  Snatch Deadlift 4×3 WOD 3 Rounds 3 Wall Climb 4 Pistols or 20 Air Squats 5 Deadhang PullUps REST 3 Minutes 3 Rounds 10 Push Ups 15 Wall Balls 25 Double Unders  ]]>

6 thoughts on “CLOSED SATURDAY AND SUNDAY…Great Lakes Invitational Hosted at CrossFit Indy North”

  1. A few mods today:
    1st set of 3 rounds: 4:36 but I modified the pistols by using various bands… Ended up w blue band pistols. I did strict dead hangs the first round then I threw in a few kipping pull ups in rounds 2 and 3.
    Finished with 17:11– I used a 16 pound WB. The first round of DU’s I got 4-5 at a time so I went for the 25 but it wasn’t pretty… The next 2 rounds I did 100 singles w a few DU’s thrown in for kicks.
    Also… I got yelled at by the supreme authority parking lady… CFNT peeps… Do not, I repeat do not park in any of those parking spots that aren’t the gyms during business hours!!

  2. If I ever snap and go completely insane, I promise it will be due to a jump rope.
    1st half – 5:08. Did pistols while hanging on to the green band. I need to work on my balance to get those up to RX.
    Finished with 20 and some change, subbing 100 single unders for the 25 doubles. 20# wall ball.
    In all sincerity, thanks to Coach Jared for making me pick the rope back up and do the last one. This is obviously one of my biggest weaknesses and I really appreciate the coaching staff for pushing me to get better at them!

    1. Josh- I am with you on the disagreeable jump rope. I had a terrible time last night getting more than one DU in a row. It was clearly my weakness in the WOD, but one of these days we will both defeat the jump rope! Let’s hope it’s sooner than later 🙂

  3. Snatch deadlift: worked up to 113#.
    WOD part 1: 4:48. I got chest to wall on the first set of wall climbs, but then got tired and was just trying to keep my balance and get as close as possible. I did my pistols on the wall and used a red band for my dead hang pullups.
    WOD part 2: 8:05. Coach Peter pushed me to get unbroken double unders and I was able to get just under 10 without an extra jump in the middle. Big win:)
    Total time: 15:53