Closed Sunday: Open Gym Monday 9a-11a (Labor Day)

TODAY’S WORKOUT Power Clean 3×3

WOD 3 rounds of Row 300 12 Power Cleans (145/105) 8 pistols


The Elusive Muscle Up:

We wanted to take the time to congratulate those who have achieved one of the most difficult goals (movements) in the world of CrossFit.  CrossFit NapTown has gone from 3 members completing a muscle up to over 15 and this is quite an achievement. Do you want to learn the proper tools and technique to complete this difficult move? Then join us for next week’s Fundamentals class at 6pm to learn the proper progressions and technique to finally nail that elusive muscle up.

Congratulations to all those who have completed a Muscle Up with us. (Please let me know if I left you off the list and I’ll be sure to add you)

Females Jen P Elyse Anna Males George L. Ty Ali Josh F. Hunter Michael E. Andrew B. Nick A. Peter B. Jared C. Jared B. Kevin M. Jason V. Butch C. Dustin K. David S. Nate H.    ]]>

13 thoughts on “Closed Sunday: Open Gym Monday 9a-11a (Labor Day)”

  1. My back was not cooperating with me this morn, so I ended up doing 5 rds of 5 pull-ups, 10 Push-ups, and 15 air squats. Completed in 9:56.
    A few things struck me today about where I have come in a few short months.
    1) I am still (and will always be) terrible with names, so I had to do like 1,000 burpees this morning.
    2) In April I was doing pull-ups with a green band; today I did 25 unassisted.
    3) I will always hate barbell work, but recoginize that it is the barbell that has brought about many of the gains I have seen.
    4) I am in absoulutely the best shape of my adult life (despite this cursed back) and loving every moment of it.
    Naptown is a pretty awesome community, lead by some very dedicated individuals.
    Thanks to all of you and have a great Labor Day Weekend everyone.

    1. Mark –
      1) We are working on a system to make it easier for people to remember names. It’s going to include polaroid pictures.
      2) This is amazing!!! That’s a tremendous strength gain in just 4 months time.
      3) The barbell is a tricky beast but it’s skill transfer leads to all your improvements in every other movement (which you have realized).
      4) “The best shape of your adult life” is one of the best things I’ve heard in awhile. (We are determined to figure out this back and fix it).
      Keep up the great work and you will continue to see vast improvements.