CLOSED this SATURDAY, August 11th



Front Squats 2-2-2-2-2-2-2

“Annie” – 50-40-30-20-10 Double Unders Situps

Beginner – Singles (3:1 Ratio) Intermediate- Doubles Super Advanced- Triples (Can anyone complete “Annie” with triple unders?)

ARCHIVE from February, 6th 2012 

Click the Archive to see your score from last time… if you posted it!!! If not, starting posting your scores!!!

Paleolithic Diet Informational Meeting

Wednesday Night at 6pm

-This Meeting is to inform those who are interested in learning more about the Paleo / “Caveman” Diet.  Assistant Coach Merritt E. will be discussing the basics of the diet and answering any questions that you may have.  Now’s the time to prepare for the upcoming 2012 CFNT Fall Paleo Challenge that will start in October.   Learn now!!!


CLOSED this SATURDAY, August 11th

Sunday – Open Gym 11am-1pm

We will be closed this Saturday.  Please join the CrossFit NapTown team this Saturday at CrossFit Indy North.



Crossfit Indy North is proud to host the 2012 Indy CrossFit Classic on August 11, 2012. This competition is open to all Indianapolis CrossFit Affiliates.  There are 50 male and 50 female spots available.  There will not be a team event for the Classic but there will be a team event this year at GLI III.  The Classic will consist of 4 scored events and a final.  We will use games style scoring from the 2010 CrossFit Games.   The price of registration is $40.


  • We will start promptly at 8 am on Saturday, August 11th.
  • Athletes need to check-in Friday, August 10th between the hours of 5-8 pm or Saturday August 11th between the hours of 6 am – 7 am.

Triple Under “Annie” with GHD Situps instead of regular Situps


28 thoughts on “CLOSED this SATURDAY, August 11th”

  1. Whew hoo! 1st Rx workout for me. 🙂 8:31
    Front squat 2 rep max 125#
    Now, trying for the triple under…

  2. Front Squat: Reached 225 (PR) thanks to motivation from Josh, Devon, Kevin and Peter.
    Angie (25,20,15,10,5 for DU): 10:52 I think. Getting more DU’s but still using lots of shoulder.
    Great job Margie on those DU’s!

  3. Front Squat: 125, (only able to get 135 up once)
    “Annie” 11:22 (Did singles, but last round did all 10 DU)

  4. I did half DU and finished in 14 something. Not particularly proud of my lack of DU skill, but I REFUSE to let this continue being my Achillies heel.

    1. Josh, you’re to hard on yourself. You and I are going to overcome this DU obstacle soon. One day all of the hard work will pay off and perhaps we’ll be able to help others in the same DU boat.

  5. Margie – you were amazing!! Josh – I did the same thing.
    120# on front squats – knee not feeling the greatest so didn’t push it.
    Annie 12:26
    25/50, 20/40, etc.
    I seem to be stuck doing 2 singles & 1 DU, 2 singles & 1 DU…

  6. Rxed the Wod! Feels so good to write that!
    Annie – 11:03
    AND I PRed (happy dance) on my front squats…. 63 to 85#

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  8. worked up to 245 on the Front squat (big PR). still felt good on the last set.
    Annie, RX’d 10:59
    – both my D/Us and Situps are less than legendary, so RX-ing this workout is a big deal for me.
    – last time it was 14:10 with 1/2 D/Us (thanks for the link to last time)

  9. worked up to #145 on front squat. felt super weak today.
    WOD 7:33 rx’ed
    in February, it was 14:11 scaled to only 10 DUs per round. yay improvement!!!

  10. Front squat: 97#
    WOD: 30 + 2 DUs. Six months ago I couldn’t do DUs and scaled to all singles. Today I did the DUs but just didn’t finish. I will do Annie as Rxed by the end of 2012!

  11. Front Squat – PR’ed at 185 (Thanks for the push, Scott S.)
    Annie: 12:59 – scaled with Single Unders
    (I W-I-L-L learn to double under – singles are too hard to count that high.)

  12. Front squat 235#n felt good, PR
    Did WOD in 14:54 or something like that. I had to do singles unders, so tripled each round which I surprised myself with being able to do that many singles. A few weeks ago I could string 10 together let alone finish 420 in less than 15 minutes with sit ups too.

  13. Old FS 98#. Today’s FS 125#
    Old Annie time: 10:10. Today’s Annie time: 7:37
    Yeah progress!:)

  14. Feels great to back–and so many new faces! Thanks to my Lucky #7 crew for the warm welcome. And Coach Jared, I’ll trade you my ankle flexibility with your ability to do a muscle up. It’s a fair trade. Think about it.
    Front Squat: 195 (2 reps), 205 (1 rep) I’m going to just go ahead and call this one a PR 😉
    WOD_Annie: 9:04 Rx’d
    D/U have gotten so much better! I think I lost a little core strength though, really slowed down in the sit-up department. All in all, content with the performace!

  15. Competition class was…rough!
    My shoulder quit before I was finished, so DNF. We has a 30 minute time cap, so if each missed rep is a 1 second penalty, final score was 30:48.

  16. Front squat 145# – new PR ( thanks for the push Megan or I would have stopped at 135#)
    To say “Annie” pissed me off tonight is an understatement – but Rx’d the workout in 15:56. (outside the time cap but I’d be damned if I was not going to finish)
    Welcome back Jamie- we missed you! Great 7 crew and loved all the new faces!

  17. Front squat 78lbs
    Annie in 13:34
    First DNF since I’ve been back.. Felt great to really push myself again!

  18. worked up to 105# on front squat from the ground ( i was at the ymca so i dont go crazy on the weights being on my own)
    8 min annie, PR for me

  19. felt good about form on the front squat. not using significant weight yet.
    modified “Annie” at 3x regular jump rope vs double-unders. finished 90/30 in 15min. used band to keep elbows down on the jump rope!

  20. Front Squat: 88# PR (Thanks Kate for moving us along and increasing that weight!)
    WOD Annie: 12:34 modified with singles. Totally needed those sit up to work on my core
    Welcome Back Jamie and Stephanie-missed you guys!
    Kate and Megan-we will have strong cores, we will have strong cores…