⭐Meet Aisha! The newest member to the Myriad Team — we couldn’t be more thrilled to have her!

Aisha has been a Personal Trainer for 2.5 years. What she loves most about coaching
is meeting new people and helping them reach their goals. “Fitness doesn’t just make someone a better athlete; it can change someone’s whole outlook on life and give them the energy, confidence, and motivation that they may not have had before.” Aisha’s favorite form of training is pretty much anything involving a heavy barbell and cardio (you have maybe seen her throwing around some heavy weight around the gym!) When Aisha is not around the gym, she likes to stay family-oriented, hanging out with her family for fun. She and her sisters will learn new TikTok dances or go roller skating (love!) or try new places to eat (that aren’t good most of the time). 😂 She also enjoys trying new recipes and cooking lots of different types of foods. A fun fact you may not know — Aisha comes from a big family, living with her parents, 3 sisters, and her oldest sisters son.