Communication is Key… Speaking of Which…

Please continue to bear with us as we renovate the box. Our internet and phone lines have been down and will be down until Monday afternoon so if you have tried to call, we apologize for the inconvenience! Projected finish will be mid-week, Wednesday/Thursday and it will be AWESOME!!!

Thanks again for your Patience!!!

[caption id="attachment_2931" align="aligncenter" width="642" caption="Construction still in Progress"][/caption]   Team Chipper 225 Double Unders… Then 12000lbs Ground to Overhead Example (100 pounds 120 times) OR (120 pounds 100 times) RULES: – One bar per team. – Team Member can only complete 10 consecutive Repetitions. – Must stay in the same order you start. – Must take off weights for teammate and return clip on for each set.    

NO 9am or NOON class this Monday… SORRY!!


1 thought on “Communication is Key… Speaking of Which…”

  1. Alright… Jason V, Nick, Felicia and myself were on a team and we finished 3rd in the 9:30 class… However, I AM SUPER PUMPED to share that the double unders finally clicked!!!!!!!!!! I got 27 in a row at one point so I believe it’s all downhill from here (technique wise) That excites me very much when improvements like that happen !