1 thought on “Congrats to all Mini completers!”

  1. My running friends were absolutely shocked when I came across the finish line at 1:28:03. My fastest time since 1997 and the weather conditions then weren’t anything like what we experienced yesterday. One of my friends was pacing a runner who was targeting to break 1:20, but finished in 1:27, His wife spotted me and told him hey “Mike “ just crossed the finish line less than one minute behind you. He said you have got to be kidding me, how could “Mike” get thru the course in that time given the weather conditions and knowing I had some health issues which prevented me running from after last year’s mini until Nov-11, nor could I lift more than 50 lbs. When I got back to the recovery tents in Military park I had several friends I hadn’t seen in a while ask me ok besides running what else was I doing. I told them I started doing crossfit at Naptown Crossfit at the start of this year and it was crossfit that made the difference today. I knew by mile 2 this was going to be a very tough race given the weather conditions. I started thinking about the lady work out we did awhile back I think it was “Kelly”, just be smart about the pace, don’t stop, and you’ll make it. By mile 11, lots of people stopping, walking, trying to start again, etc. I said to myself don’t stop push through it like a WOD. I said to myself you’ve only got 2 miles, that’s 14 minutes so make it a WOD, you’ve done lots of WOD’s, you’ve finished all those and certainly you can get thru this one. I then broke the WOD down to traffic lights, when I passed each stop light it was one exercise done move on to the next exercise. We could see the finish line but people were still falling off, I yelled at them and encouraged them to push thru it, just like it was a WOD. It was great to hear some of my friends cheer me on near the finish line. I made it across the finish line and a nice lady volunteer congratulated me and handed me a top 500 finisher medal, it was awesome feeling. Crossfit certainly made the difference yesterday. I felt like a much stronger runner and improved overall mental toughness to push through it.