Congrats to Jamie M-July member of the month

Jamie Manuel

Age: 26 Member Since: March 2012 Favorite CrossFit Movement or WOD: Love any WOD with a box jump or pull up! Least Favorite CrossFit Movement or WOD: Let’s just say that “Dianne” and I aren’t friends. And wall balls also are not invited to my birthday. Hometown: Pekin, Illinois Occupation: Sales Representative with Lilly USA Favorite Sports Team(s): Colts, Fighting Illini, Ball State Cards! Favorite Restaurant/Bar Downtown: Restaurant: Black Market; Bar: Forty-Five Degrees Hobbies: CrossFit. Traveling. Bacon. Favorite Quote: “I wish you could achieve something great, a good for humankind, and have nobody know about it except you….I wish you a magnificent obsession that gives you reason for living and a purpose and direction in life. [And] I wish you the worst kind of criticism for everything you do, because that will make you fight beyond what you normally would.” –Earl Reum 3 Month Fitness Goal(s): One strict muscle up; deadlift 350 lbs; back squat 275 lbs 6 Month Fitness Goal(s): Rx 100% of WODs. One Year Fitness Goal(s): Compete in at least one CrossFit competition.

Today’s Workout:

Strength: OHS 5×3 around 50-60% (of 1rm back squat) WOD: Lunge 25 yds 45/25# plate overhead Run 50 yds AMRAP 8:00 rest 2:00 then row 500 Post: hand chin over rings or bar accumulate 60-90 seconds]]>

11 thoughts on “Congrats to Jamie M-July member of the month”

  1. OHS: 65# (Zumba J, I appreciated your words of wisdom about getting out of my head. Definitely hate OHS, so I needed that push)
    WOD: 5 rounds + almost finished the next round of lunges.
    Row: DNF
    I need some advice from the Naptown community… does anyone have any ideas about what to do to make a strained stomach muscle feel better? It’s one that runs vertically about an inch to the right of my bellybutton. I’ve been stretching it and trying to rest it. Anyone have any good ideas? Or know of any good stomach muscle stretches?

  2. OHS – 95(3 sets),105(3 sets),115 – kept it between 50-65% of 1rm BS
    wod – 5 rounds, 1:51.7 row – I was able to hold a 1:45 for the first 200m, my rowing is finally getting back on track 🙂
    90sec total of ring chin holds – with false grip
    30 tire flips – 9:36

  3. I love it Jamie:) So glad to have you as a part of our community and can’t wait to see you achieve all of your goals!!

  4. 68# OHS and managed to pull a muscle in my neck- ouch! Feels like a crick- annoying.
    4 rounds, 2:08 row. First time I kept all pulls under 2:15! makes up for me being a super slow lunger.

  5. Thanks for the shout outs, Jena and Anna!!!
    Just got done with a WOD at my Mom’s CrossFit box…CrossFit Influence.
    95 lbs, mindful of technique
    WOD: 5 Rounds
    20 box jumps (24″)
    20 push ups
    20 toe-to-bar
    20:51 Rx