CrossFit For Hope – June 9th Funstivities!!!!

Today’s Workout Power Snatch Technique (for CF for Hope) then… 5K Run    (Archive


Pride Parade at 10am (we’ll be leaving the gym at 9:45am to walk over)

CrossFit For Hope – Please email Coach Jared: to sign up for a heat.

You do not have to make a donation to enter.  All members are encouraged and welcome to sign up for a heat. If you choose to donate go to

CrossFit For Hope Heats: 12:00pm – Eileen C., Margie C., Nikita W., Erica S., Chad W., Mark F. 12:20pm- Ashley D., Aaron H., Artie S., Liz M., Christina P., 12:40pm- Moises C., Mike L., Butch C., Dave P., Rachel G., Merritt E., 1:00pm- Karen W., Jennifer M., Dan G., Roland G., James C. 1:20pm- Kevin M., Anna R., Peter B., Scott S., Jen K. 1:40pm- Jason V., Jared B., Martin C., Ali H 2:00pm

If I forgot you or you have not emailed me… get on it! Let me know if I left you off the list.

Indianapolis Indians Game @ 7pm – Talk to Coach Martin or email him at We have purchased a few tickets with the gym’s money for those last minute responders!!! Let us know!


17 thoughts on “CrossFit For Hope – June 9th Funstivities!!!!”

  1. 27:57
    i 100% blame that extra :57 on circumstances outside of my control. next time, sub 26:00.
    yay for goals!!!

  2. 27:10
    …have never finished a 5K much under 30 min, let alone a CFNT5K+… Considering this one a win!

  3. 27:41
    oh running why can’t you be heavy lifting (preferably of the olympic variety)???

  4. 25:50. Would love to get this sub 24:00 by 2013. Running in less than 90 degrees, without a full stomach would be a good start.

  5. Did this on my own this morning — 29:54. Not thrilled with my time as it’s 3 minutes slower than my current PR (though that was set in 40 degree weather). Guess its time to get back to my running. Sigh.