CrossFit NapTown Team Bracket Buster


Partner Warm Up

Row 1K (Each partner must row 500) 100 Wall Balls (Cannot do more than 25 at a time) Row 1K  (Each partner must row 500) 100 Burpees (Alternating Burpees onto Plate) Run 800 M (400 M Relay) 100 Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25) Run 800 M (400 M Relay)

  [caption id="attachment_3741" align="aligncenter" width="672" caption="CFNT Members Rowing on Sunday @ Indianapolis Rowing Center (Eagle Creek)"][/caption]


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Come join us on September 22nd to test the fitness of you and your teammates!

The format of this competition will be a double elimination tournament style bracket unlike anything you have seen in the CrossFit world. Picture a 16 team tournament bracket.

Before the tournament begins, we will have one Seeding Workout in which teams will be ranked #1-#16. After this opening workout, the first round will then begin where Team #1 will go head-to-head against Team #16, Team #2 vs. Team #15, etc… If you lose, your team will enter the Loser’s Bracket.

The Loser’s Bracket will allow teams to fight their way back to the Championship Match. *Each Team Guaranteed 3 Workouts (WODS)

NOTE** This competition is for the intermediate level CrossFitter inspiring to do great things and make great gains. If you are a previous Regional athlete (or qualifying athlete), whether Team or Individual, do not register but instead encourage those at your affiliate to do so.

The event will be capped at 16 teams so register soon before it’s too late!

Teams will consist of 2 men and 2 women from your affiliate; send in the names of the members of your team with your registration. Replacements will only be allowed on a case-by-case scenario based on injury or other unforeseen circumstances.

How to Register: 1) Pay through Paypal 2) Follow Email Directions Below Please email the following Information to:

Team Name: 1) 2 Male Teammates – Name, Date of Birth, Email Address, Affiliate Male Athlete #1: Male Athlete #2:

2) 2 Female Teammates- Name, Date of Birth, Email Address, Affiliate Female Athlete #1: Female Athlete #2:

*Please indicate one individual as the Team Captain* (this person will be the direct point of contact if issues are to arise)

Registration is $125 per team.

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Paleo Informational Meeting

Wednesday Night at 6pm

-This Meeting is to inform those who are interested in learning more about the Paleo / “Caveman” Diet.  Assistant Coach Merritt E. will be discussing the basics of the diet and answering any questions that you may have.  Now’s the time to prepare for the upcoming 2012 CFNT Fall Paleo Challenge that will start in October.   Learn now!!!

CLOSED this SATURDAY, August 11th

Sunday – Open Gym 11am-1pm


18 thoughts on “CrossFit NapTown Team Bracket Buster”

    1. I would def like to join a team! Im not the best athlete but I will be crossfiting 4x a week from now until then to be better prepared! Let me know if I can join someones team!!

        1. Woohoo!! This sounds like so much fun!!!
          Ok, now we need two males to join us. Anyone interested?! I can help cover the registration fee upfront if thats an issue for anyone.

  1. Killer workout; just goes to show how much more FIT we could all be.
    WOD_Andrew and I: 31’50”
    …Andrew was an AMAZING partner; encouraging and PUSHED me . Thank you, Andrew! You are what CrossFit is all about!
    SO FREAKIN AWESOME to see how many people are joining “Lucky No. 7 PM” Class. Everyone did a phenomenal job today, staying and cheering until the final person had finished. GREAT WORK!

  2. 37:45 for Jane and myself. Thanks Jane for pushing me and picking up my slack when I didn’t think I could possibly finish!

  3. Megan and I were 34:26 ……thanks for being a bad ass partner Megan! Awesome 7pm class again!

  4. Great workout and I had a great partner! Thanks to Erica for pushing me.
    33’….? And some change I think.

  5. 37:+ for Anna, Dana, & Allison. modified count for 3 person team. thanks to my teammates for picking up my slack on the burpees!

  6. Elisa and I completed in 33:48.
    Being the only group to start 4 minutes behind the other groups definitely pushed us to do the movements with more intensity which allowed us to soar in this workout.
    Love partner workouts!