CrossFit Programming Updates

In October of 2021, CrossFit announced the start of their CrossFit Affiliate Programming – a way for the leaders of CrossFit to share programming with affiliate owners around the world. We were excited to give it a try and see how it would work for our community. During that time frame we learned a lot! We loved all of the resources that CrossFit shared with the programming and we were pushed outside of our comfort zone with movements that we were not doing very regularly with our in-house programming. We also learned that we like to have control over our programming and tailor our workouts and training to what our members like and need to work on and the affiliate programming was not giving us that ability.

We decided to continue with CAP until the end of the Open before transitioning back to in-house programming. That time has come and we are excited to bring our programming back in house starting in April!! We are going to take some of the lessons we learned from following CrossFit’s lead while also bringing back what we know and loved about our in-house programming. 

We want to hear from you! 
What areas of fitness do you want to see our community of CrossFitters improve upon.  Please send an email to Coach Anna to tell her what you want to work on! We will do our best to incorporate your hopes and dreams while still maintaining your safety and a well rounded programming.

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