CrossFit Total 3RM

What an amazing group of people!


CrossFit Total 3RM Back Squat Strict Press Deadlift

There will be up to two warm up sets: empty bar/little weight, then 50%-65%.  After the warm up, first attempt should be sure.  The second should push the limits and the third should your goal.  A fourth attempt should only be taken in the rare circumstance that the 3rd was easy, but at this point a person’s strength begins to diminish.  3rd attempt will most likely be the strongest.


And the Results are in!

CFNT Cookout and 6-Month Anniversary Recap

What an amazing day!  The competition was tight throughout the day but in the end “Funky Fresh” led by Team Captain, Andrew Barr holds the crown of CFNT Spring Cookout Champions 2012.

We would like to thank everyone for such a wonderful turnout.  The WODs were enjoyable to watch and everyone performed magically.

If you were unable to attend take a look below of the Championship Match of the Dodgeball Tournament (WOD #3).

NapTown Spider Monkeys (Eric Gardner – Captain)


the WODfathers (Leslie Garder – Captain) for the Championship. 

Husband Vs. Wife… who will be victorious!!!


20 thoughts on “CrossFit Total 3RM”

  1. What a great event Saturday! Thanks to all who helped make it possible!
    Today’s WOD:
    Back Squat: 275#
    Strict Press: 145#
    Deadlift: 385#

  2. First time posting here!
    Back Squat: 245 lbs
    Strict Press: 145 lbs
    Deadlift: 305 lbs
    Way to kill it 6amers!

  3. 113# Deadlift ….Woo Hoo! New PR for me!!! On the way home I was thinking, wait…..that’s more than I weigh….who would have thought 3 months ago that would be possible!!

  4. We welcomed a new 6AMer too, MARGIE!
    I need to work on pushing weight up with my arms. It just doesn’t move. Ugh.

  5. BS 245
    Strict Press 145
    DL 295
    most of these were at or very close to my former one rep max weights.
    the moral of the story:
    i guess this CF thing works!

  6. back squat: #155
    strict press: #70
    deadlift: #165
    all new PRs for me!!!
    thanks to my girl paige for FINALLY teaching me how to deadlift correctly…apparently, i just needed someone to ‘dumb it down’ for me.

  7. 3RM
    Back Squat: 305#
    Strict Press: 150#
    Deadlift: 365#
    To put things into perspective and to piggy back off Moose’s comment…
    (This CF Thing Works!)
    10 Months Ago My 1RM for each was:
    Back Squat: 255#
    Strict Press: 145#
    Deadlift: 315#

  8. Got this in before the Noon class, rushed through my Dead Lifts, I think they could have been a little higher.
    Back Squat 275…got (305×2)
    Press 155 (162×2)
    Dead lift 410

  9. Back Squat #205
    Strict Press #115
    Dead Lift #300
    The strength days are great in helping with form and still pushing yourself

  10. Late to post- becoming a bad habit…
    Back Squat _ 125#
    Strict Press _50# (yeah, it is embarrassing)
    Deadlift _ 206#
    Such a discrepancy in my arm and leg strength. Gotta work on my upper body strength!

  11. Made this up Thur 4/5.
    Back Squat: 155-165-185-200
    Strict Press: 60-75-85- 2 reps at 90
    Deadlift: 185-195-210-225
    Thanks to Merritt, Anna, and Martin for the encouragement!