CrossFit Total

Compare Your CF Total from November 21st, 2011

CrossFit Total

Back squat, 1 rep Shoulder Press, 1 rep Deadlift, 1 rep

Rules: After warming up you have the entire class to work through each lift (in order, starting with back squat).  Read the CF Journal article to get a better understanding of the CF Total.

Note:  We will not allow you to go up in weight if technique is not correct.  There is no reason to lift heavy with improper technique.  If you can lift 500lbs on a deadlift but your back is rounded… there is no benefit to the lift.  Just more probability for injury!  Back off on the weight and work through proper technique.

CrossFit Total Journal Article – Please Read

Here’s an old school video to get you pumped for the CFT today… (Eric G. this is for you!)

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48 thoughts on “CrossFit Total”

    1. Haha, I could have used you to push me along a little more today. No PRs for me today.

  1. 143 PR
    55 PR
    185…no PR
    Only 12 WODs left at Naptown! This is a total bummer. Can’t you guys all come to Grand Rapids with me?!

    1. Liz! You pressed 55#! You’re ready for Michigan now.
      Yes, I’m still stalking the naptown page…. Here’s the team WOD we did on Saturday here:
      “Carry the baby”- One partner must be holding weight at all time throughout workout 35/25
      Buy in: 800 M Run
      Then: 100 deadlifts 225/135
      200 walking lunges
      300 situps
      Cash Out: 600 Double unders/800 singles — where was Jared when I needed him?

    2. I can’t believe you only have 12 WODs left! Michigan is stealing all the cool people from Indiana 🙁

  2. back squat #160 PR
    strict press #85 PR
    deadlift #220
    wait, why is everyone going to michigan?!?!

  3. BS 275
    Strict Press 160
    DL 335
    total – 770
    all were PRs
    last time we did this, my total was 730 (and 595 the time before that).

      1. Rest Day my friend… I’ll post tomorrow since I know you will be waiting on it.. And if I beat you in anything you will be back in tomorrow to re-do your lifts to beat me by 1#

  4. BS – 365lbs (PR)
    SP – 185lbs (Disappointing)
    DL – 475 (PR)
    Aiming for a 500lbs deadlift here soon…and a 200lbs press

  5. Back Squat: 245 (PR!)
    Shoulder Press: 105 (PR-ish)
    Deadlift: 300 (…club! PR)
    Great day! Good job, everyone!

  6. BS – 165lbs (not happy with this one, maybe doing ‘Eva’ yesterday had something to do with this, that’s probably a bad excuse though)
    SP – 110lbs (I’ve been at this weight for a while now)
    DL – 275lbs PR (definitely the highlight of the wod!)
    Total – 550

  7. 315/165/405…looking to get these numbers back to where I was in February before my wake-up call and I listened to my coaches…885

  8. Great work everyone! I love seeing all the amazing results. Now time to start this cycle and see all these numbers go up!
    My #’s were: bs 335(PR)/sp 172(PR)/DL 435. Pretty happy with today!

  9. 103/53/133 All PRs!!
    Thanks to Coach Moises for reminding me that I need to fight the mental battle first and stop doubting myself and to Coach Jared for reminding me how far I’ve come in under 3 months. Can’t wait to see where I’m at in 3 more months! Thanks guys!

    1. Dang JV that’s a nice number on the SP. Wish I could have joined you on this one. I will be back next monday.

  10. 135 BS-totally got mental on this one chickened out 🙁
    70 press- PR b/c I have no idea on previous lifts
    195 deadlift- ran out of time this morning to work past PR of 200
    Next time…

  11. Back squat 165# (pr)
    Strict press 80# (pr)
    Deadlift 215#
    I was really happy with the first two, but not so much with my deadlift. No surprise, though. My technique has been slipping so I haven’t been able to touch my Pr from the GLOC of 230#. Oh, adrenaline and a tighter core!
    PRs across the board…literally:)

  12. BS 205# (20# PR!!)
    SP 65# (17# LESS than my PR set 1 yr ago…which is just ridiculous)
    DL 245# (PR)
    I hate shoulder press SOOO MUCH… and it shows. Maybe what I need most out of this strength cycle is an attitude adjustment.

  13. I am so sad I missed this one! Stupid, stupid work. Hope to make it up soon – -way to go everyone! Crazy impressive numbers!!

  14. Back Squat – 337# PR
    Press- 155#
    (I messed this up and tried jumping to 175# and missed a few times and shoulders were then shot – Excuse, Yes)
    Deadlift – 405.5# PR ****
    (Lifetime goal of getting a deadlift in the 400’s. Never thought I could do it… lesson learned… never tell yourself your body can’t do something!)

  15. BS:  110lb PR
    SP:  68lb PR
    Deadlifts:  148PR
    First test, looking forward to the next!

  16. Now this was my kind of day…
    BS: 315
    SP: 155
    DL: 365
    Total: 835
    I likely left some weight on the table given I haven’t tried a 1 rep max at anything since the glory days of college football. Excited to test again after the strength cycle!