Find Your Flow – Myriad Yoga Workshop

“For Time” with Myriad – Episode #39

Yoga is intimidating.

Yes. We said it.
Riding your bike for the first time, running a race for the first time, or simply doing anything FOR THE FIRST TIME and it will be intimidating. The unknowns are endless.

The same goes for taking a yoga class…
“where do I put my shoes?”
“should I take my socks off?”
“do I need a yoga mat?”
“what if I accidentally fart during a stretch?”

So many unknowns 🙂

That’s why we’ve created the Find Your Flow workshop. This 5-week series will take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. It is a great way for individuals looking to start a yoga practice to begin with a program intended to slowly introduce you to the world of yoga.

This beginner friendly workshop is specifically curated to get you comfortable with a typical flow of a yoga class and to help you better understand the norms within Myriad Yoga. Surround yourself with others who are also curious about yoga. You deserve this!

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Questions about the Find Your Flow workshop during this episode:

  • What the Find Your Flow Workshop?
  • Is this workshop for beginners?
  • Why should I take this workshop?
  • Who is yoga for?