9 thoughts on “First Day of Business”

  1. 4:07
    Haven’t done this in a while. Always a good battle to transition to air squats after hard 500m row.

  2. 7:14
    Did everything without scaling. Broke air squats up into quick sets of 10. Ended up doing 3 extra pushups because of form. Felt really good on the row.

  3. Time – 6:36
    The transition between the row and the air squats was the most difficult. It took me a few squats to keep my balance and get into a groove. I used the red and blue bands together for my pull ups.

  4. 4:05
    Transition from rower to air squats was interesting to say the least. Too much time on the air squats!

  5. 5:59
    After getting home, all I can say is… thank god for hand rails! I’ll be moving a lot slower tomorrow. Good baseline, could have focused more on my form and not my time.

  6. 4:15
    Did this a week or so ago at Crossfit Broadripple and improved my time by 9 seconds. Looking forward to spending more time crossfitting soon.

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