It's predicted to be above 50 that means RUN…

Today’s Workout: 5×2 power snatch (technique focused) WOD: 5 rounds Run 400m 50 air squats Post 3 x 10 rings dips (if time permits)]]>

16 thoughts on “It's predicted to be above 50 that means RUN…”

  1. Snatch: Got up to 135# The strength is there, but I need to work on form and a more powerful burst.
    WOD: 24:09. Needless to say, my running is still terrible and slowed me down a good bit. Working on it, though!

  2. Last round with 20 squats to go involuntary tears started to flow. U know its a good wod when u cry.

    1. dude, I started weeping last Saturday (involuntarily of course). I know what you mean. Tears were flowing down my face, through my beard and dripping off; crazy.

    2. you two are hilarious, but I do agree. When things happen that you cannot control during a WOD it feels crazy.

  3. REMINDER: The gym will be closed this weekend (Saturday and Sunday). We apologize for the inconvenience The Coach’s and Anna will be competing in the Great Lakes Invitational at CrossFit Indy North (Nobelsville). If you come support us we will offer at $10 discount on your next membership. (However, it does cost $10 to get in for spectators)

  4. Power Snatch Technique
    Worked up to 135# with a couple OHS.
    (Felt ok)
    WOD: 14:36
    (Broke up the sets of air squats into 10s and 5s)
    EVERYONE make it in today. It’s beautiful outside!!

    1. You don’t need to break the squats up you should be able to roll through them all in one set its in you head.

        1. Pete as I feel this is a challenge and you have little faith I have but no choice to prove it can be done I will fit this workout into my sched next week and vidoetape it on the track.

  5. Intro_Power Snatch- worked to 63#; keeping good technique
    WOD_17:45 I probably took too many breaks in my air squats and needed to be more mentally tough and keep going. But I am sure I will still feel this in my hip flexors tomorrow. yay!

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