"FRAN" – The CrossFit Benchmark of Benchmarks!

[/caption] TODAY’S WORKOUT So we’ve been waiting for the past 2.5 months to unleash the beast that is FRAN.   For those who don’t know, Fran is to CrossFit as peanut butter is to jelly. You can’t talk about one without mentioning the other. If you run in to a CrossFitter from the other side of the world and a nerdy “how much I love CrossFit” conversation is started you better believe the very first question being asked will be, “What is your Fran time?” We’ve done “Body-weight Fran”… we’ve done thrusters, and we may have even done a pull-up or two; However, this is the day of reckoning when each of us in the gym set our Fran benchmark! Tell your children, tell your friends, tell your co-workers… Today is the day!!! Be ready to thruster and pull-up like you never have before!   WOD “FRAN” 21-15-9 Thrusters (95/65) Pullups POST: Leg Jammers!! for Time. 15 Air squats 15 Lunges 15 Jumping squats 15 Jumping lunges]]>

25 thoughts on “"FRAN" – The CrossFit Benchmark of Benchmarks!”

    1. @Moises – 3pm for the Holiday Throwdown Series is perfect. I’ll be there to coach you through it.
      Amazing insight on Fran. I can also remember training for 6 weeks just to complete Fran (at the time it was just a workout I just found on the internet – had no idea what CF really was) many moons ago as well. I think my time in March of 2008 was 7:34 rx’ed with dead-hang pullups because kipping pullups were so foreign to me.
      November 2011- Rx’ed Time : 3:11
      December 18th, 2011 – “Walking Fran”
      Time: 7:32 (really puts things in perspective how far I’ve come)
      It’s all about progression, patience, and dedication.
      Good luck to all!

  1. Dude… That’s crazy! Last night while I was trying to go to sleep (did not see the WOD yet) I was thinking about this workout. That was the 1st video I ever saw Moises do on YouTube. I was wondering if I was even strong enough to finish it “period”. My initial thought was no. I guess I will get to find out today.

  2. Fran -Rx’d 7:30
    Post – 2:32 (24)
    I just need to mentally push through. I wanted to try and do everything unbroken, but couldn’t do it on pull ups, or after my first set of thrusters. I was exhausted at the end though. My legs were shot after the post! I hated it! Good time…fun working out with a different class as well!

    1. we are so proud of you Martin, it takes a lot to type so many characters onto this blog. I’m sure you were exhausted from it.
      Great work to all the classes tonight! Big shout out to Coach Jared and both the assistant Coach’s for working with the large 5:30 class what an amazing group. You all helped each other and it was amazing to see.

  3. so if you have to scale your fran thruster weight, is it still considered doing fran? or do you have to do it as rx’d. just curious 🙂

    1. It is absolutely still considered doing Fran, Eileen!!! Don’t worry about the weight and just get through it.

      1. @Eileen – Christy is right. Just like any WOD, benchmark or not, scaling is 100% acceptable and is still considered that named WOD.
        The idea is to progress and work up to the prescribed weight just as in any workout.

  4. WOD_ “Fran” 8:17 (scaled to 53#)
    Post_ 2:28 (24)
    It was tough, but that is what makes it so great!
    Great group tonight! And as always, thanks to the coaches for the support/feedback!

  5. WOD “FRAN” 3:58 AS RX’D
    I can’t wait until I can join you guys there. Until then… I will have to look like a crazy person doing CrossFit at the Y.
    Did the post but didn’t keep track of time

  6. I like the many moons ago way of describing time so to go with the flow I also did fran many many moons ago for my first time and I don’t recall my time, but I’m sure it wasn’t good seeing as I didn’t really have the kip down. WhIle I have gotten better times then what I got today can’t comlain since I took some time off over the last couple weeks and have only been back at it for two weeks now.
    FRAN 3:10

  7. Fran: 6:09 Rx
    Post: 1:54 (24)
    I dropped 2 minutes off my last PR 🙂 Still need to work on my thrusters though, hope to get it down to sub 5 by sectionals.

  8. WOD – 9:28
    thrusters 63#
    blue + red band on pull ups
    Post leg jammers – 2:29 (24)
    Full disclosure: my jumping lunges were really just regular lunges.

  9. Fran- 8:02. 65 lbs 🙁 and blue band pull ups. The cool thing is that I’m really starting to get the rhythm down on the kipping technique!
    Post was 3:24 (24)

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  12. Didn’t finish Fran…..got to the end with justs 4 pulls up to go, but ran out of time….
    Scaled the thrusters 33# (lame I know, should have gone heavier)
    but did all the pull ups with NO Bands….
    Also did 4 Dead hangs in a row with no help!
    I’m getting stronger 🙂