Great ready for Paleo

Here is a starter guide for our Paleo Challenge Starting Monday. This is JUST information right now so you can prepare accordingly. We have a meeting on Sunday to discuss things in full detail, but this information should help you get started. Click the pictures to make them bigger and easier to read.          

Below is a CrossFit NapTown Shopping list. Shopping list differ from author to author. This is the list we will be following as best as we can via CFNT. As stated we will discuss all this information in full detail on Sunday; PLEASE do not jump to conclusions or feel nervous about any of this, we will make sense of it on Sunday.

Please click each picture to make it bigger and easier to read.   <—–did you click the pic yet? DO IT!             <—–click me. YUMMM        <——Click on me too!  please feed me by clicking me :)]]>

12 thoughts on “Great ready for Paleo”

  1. Note: We are attempting to put together a more detailed list for the challenge that will highlight what foods are better for you to eat in higher quantities.
    The list above is in alphabetical order for ease but we will be updating this with items going from most nutritional to least.
    (For example, Walnuts are actually the best nuts to eat whereas almonds are one of the worst. ) {with that being said, nuts should be eaten in moderation as well}
    Our hopes in doing this is for each of you to find something that you consider to be good (tolerable) in taste and also super beneficial to your health and to the Paleo lifestyle.

    1. Kevin, Today is a skill day, suck list day, mobility day, rest day, or make up day.
      We do not schedule a new WOD because it is a 3 day on 1 day off deal. The class schedule runs normal, but you get to choose what you work for a WOD and if you can’t think of one we have PLENTY to give you.

  2. I came in feeling nauseated. I felt ok after Nate, but those ghs almost did me in. I hit 33 and felt puke coming up, then 34-35 was it. My confession of the day is stopping short of 40. One more and I was going to lose it.

  3. For those looking to attend the Great Lakes Invitational at CrossFit Indy North to support Coach Peter, Jared, Moises, and member Anna R. we will be offering a $10 discount off next months membership. The cost to attend this event is $10 per spectator so we will refund you for your support!!!
    Event: Great Lakes Invitational begins at 8am Saturday, January 14th and 8am Sunday, January 15th.

  4. there are some paleo apps out there to check out. you have to pay for them and there are little reviews…but has anyone checked any of them out??

  5. Makeup WOD from Monday 02 JAN 2012
    Intro_ OHS @ 63# – previously never above 43# (Thanks Peter for your instruction tonight!)
    WOD_ 11:50 (RX’d)

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