4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Martin!”

  1. 16:15
    Used the proper weight…now I just need to work on getting my times lower. It took me longer than expected to get going on my box jumps and my double unders as well. The second row was a killer. I enjoyed it though. Especially the foam roller at the end. Happy Birthday to me! haha

  2. 8:38?
    The concrete zapped me on the box jumps. 185lbs felt pretty good on the complex. The last row was definitely the toughest part. Fun WOD.
    Happy Birthday Martin, welcome to CrossFit NapTown!

  3. Time – 14:22
    I used 65lbs for my barbell complex which is the most I’ve done yet. This was actually my favorite part of the workout. I struggled on the double unders but was able to get through all of them. Whip marks included. The second round of rowing was definitely the hardest part.
    Happy birthday, Martin!