Heartistry the chakra game mini retreat at Myriad Yoga
Heartistry — The Chakra Game

A playful Journey of Soulful Connection

Are you being called to set aside time for yourself to rejuvenate mind, body + soul? A mini retreat may be exactly what you need to allow yourself time to feel refreshed and inspired this summer.

Myriad Yoga + Heartistry is excited to invite you on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery, community building, and sensory exploration. This [4] hour mini retreat creates space for introspection and connection, igniting your true essence and aligning with your inner purpose.

Your mini retreat is centered around the immersive chakra game experience — Heartistry. Heartistry the game is designed to bring people together to co-create unforgettable experiences. With 147 chakra-based prompt cards, this four-stage journey invites players to ignite their true essence, leaving everyone feeling more connected and aligned.

Rooted in the synergies of Western psychology and Eastern philosophy, Heartistry is grounded in the ancient Vedic chakra system while incorporating principles from polyvagal theory, humanistic counseling, and expressive arts therapy. These elements highlight our innate craving for connection, offer a structured lens to understand this interconnectedness, and emphasize the importance of personal development and emotional expression through creativity.

This experience harnesses the power of play and offers a tool that can be utilized to create a safe space for exploration and discovery. By engaging in interactive activities and games, we break down barriers and connect with others on a deeper level. The game encourages vulnerability, authenticity, and active listening, creating a space for genuine connection and growth. Players are ushered into deeper self- and mutual understanding and equipped with practical strategies to manage stress and enhance emotional resilience. 

Beyond its therapeutic value, Heartistry offers an immersive and engaging experience. Its creative facets liberate the imagination, making the exploration of emotions and thoughts both entertaining and enlightening. Whether bonding with loved ones or creating new connections, Heartistry catalyzes meaningful interactions and personal expansion. It is an invitation to foster a more caring, perceptive society—one game, card, and heartfelt connection at a time.

What’s Included:
  • Unique immersive chakra game experience
  • Chakra charcuterie boards and chakra mocktails
  • Deeper connection to self + community
What to expect:
  1. THE JOURNEY BEGINS: We’ll start by setting the tone with a brief introduction to the Heartistry mission and a ceremony to connect with each other. Then, indulge in curated Chakra Charcuterie Boards and Chakra Mocktail Section, designed to awaken your senses and tantalize your taste buds.
  2. MEDITATION + INTENTIONS: As we settle into the heart of the journey, we’ll guide you through a meditation that invites you to tap into your inner heart space and set your intention for the experience. This is your chance to clarify your goals and reflect on why you came.
  3. THE HEARTISTRY EXPERIENCE: Begin your journey of self-discovery through Heartistry’s unique game design. Each player will choose a Chakra Flower that resonates with their energy, and be guided to their group. The adventure begins!
  4. STAGES OF EXPLORATION: Through four stages, you’ll navigate the realms of your being, exploring, expanding, empowering, and contemplating your experiences. You’ll encounter prompts that becoming more challenging as you move through each stage. The prompts are correlated with the seven different major chakras and ask you to step outside your comfort zone, and empower you to take bold action.
  5. THE TAKEAWAY: As you leave this transformative experience, we hope you’ll carry with you the wisdom and inspiration you need to live more aligned and connected lives. Congratulations on completing the Heartistry journey – may it ignite a spark within you that will radiate outward into the world!
Heartisrtry the Chakra Game at Myriad Yoga

Heartistry: the Chakra Game is a [4] stage journey of exploration, expansion, and empowerment. You will leave this experience feeling more connected and aligned to who you really are and those you play with.


When: Friday, August 9th

Time: 6 – 10 pm

Investment: $65/members, $75/non-members

Where: Myriad Yoga 1060 N. Capitol Ave. Suite 4-108

Who: All are welcome


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Payment will be processed 72 hours within enrollment. Please read through our cancellation policy prior to enrolling.Thank you.