Its Going to be a "Bear!"

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  WOD: “The Bear Complex”
5 Rounds consisting of 7 reps of:
1 Clean
1 Front Squat
1 Push Press
1 Back Squat
1 Push Press
1 REP (all those movements combined equals ONE REP)
The Bear Complex is a workout that is done for completion using the max weight possible.  It is not done for time rather, putting your heart, tenacity and determination to the test.  Here are the rules: 1.  The weight that you use is up to you; you can also increase the weight each round. 2.  You are not allowed to rest with the bar on the ground; you can rest in any other position available.  Remember, this is not done for time, so there is no need to speed through each round. 3.  Only count the final full set as the score. Complete these movements 7 times for 1 round. You will complete 5 Rounds total.  

19 thoughts on “Its Going to be a "Bear!"”

  1. Probably won’t be able to make it in today, what is a good weight or percentage to do this at? Do you recommend adding weight as the workout moves along?

    1. Kevin- The idea for this workout is to work up in weight to a point that you can no longer do the full round of 7 “REPS.”
      You should guage the workout with the 5 Rounds.
      I good weight to get to is 135# for males and anything above 95# for females is impressive.
      The 6am class did workouts (Rounds) such as this…
      45#, 65#, 95#, 115#, 135#
      Challenge yourself though and see how high you can make it without ever setting the bar down. If your 4th Round you are able to complete 135# and you move up to 145# or 155# for your 5th Round and you drop the bar at any point then that round does not count and your score is 135#.
      Does that make sense?

          1. Rest as long as you want. NO time domain on this workout. However, I wouldn’t recommend taking 20 minutes between rounds as you will tighten up. Be smart but yet efficient about your rests.

          2. I got 115, 135, then 145 and called it a day. Did press before hand at 3 sets by 5 reps at 145. I’m shot.

  2. Nice work Kevin, it was a good strength battle. Fun WOD for sure. I’m sure it was not fun to try and do this with metal plates.

  3. Looking forward to this tomorrow! Overslept this morning and missed my 6AM. Jared probably would have gone over time anyway.

  4. Worked from 45-85lbs. The hardest part for me were definitely the push presses. I liked the mental challenge!

    1. awesome job christy! i hope to get in to do this workout. i was thinking the push presses would be the hardest for me so i am glad i am not alone 🙂 …85 pounds is a lot on push press! great job!

  5. 65 / 95 / 115 / 125 / 135
    The roughest part was keeping my hands and wrists in position throughout each set. When I clean, I often lose my pinky grip on the bar and have to re-grasp it before the press.
    Fun, taxing workout.

  6. I worked up to 53#s. It was easy for all the lower body stuff, but the reverse push press from my back was really difficult at that weight. My lower body was definitely held back by my upper body’s limits.
    Random note, but I tried a kipping pullup without a band since I’ve been able to get down to just the red one & I was able to get one unassisted pullup. Only one, but I got it:)

    1. Awesome job on the no-band pull up Leslie!! I have been working on that skill as well, but haven’t made it there yet.

  7. WOD_33, 43, 53, 58, 63 (only made it to 4 reps)
    Limited by my push press abilities- will work on my bar placement for the back squat and returning push press using Moises’s instruction tonight and hopefully will improve the next time these moves come around.

  8. The WODer was tough… 45, 65, 75, 80 but I broke during this round. It was the “back press” that killed me. I did the 5th rep in the 4th round w 80lbs twice but got stuck on the back press. So I finished out round 5 w 75lbs and made it through!