Join us June 9th for CrossFit for Hope – Mark your Calendars!

REMINDER: What: CrossFit For Hope When: Saturday, June 9th Where: CrossFit NapTown How: Register at CrossFit for Hope will benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The goal is to raise 1.7MM – one day’s operating cost for St. Jude – to combat childhood cancer and other deadly diseases. Register to participate or find an athlete or affiliate to sponsor and join the fight.   Today’s Workout

Bench Press 3×10 800 M run 3 rounds of 20 box jumps 20 wall balls (every minute on the minute while in the gym you do 2 burpees) finish with 400m run POST: NONE- *This will be a hard workout*]]>

13 thoughts on “Join us June 9th for CrossFit for Hope – Mark your Calendars!”

  1. WoD: 13:15
    Sadly, today was the final 6AM WoD that I’ll ever share with Ms. Kim Schwieterman. The gym has grown immensely since she first joined, but we’ll forever feel the absence. Who else is going to judge my Double Unders by sound alone? I fear we may never see Coach Jared’s feathers ruffled again, but those of us remaining will be sure to try!
    Good luck in Detroit, Kim!

  2. CrossFit Naptown 6am class made me feel welcomed and part if the family instantly and Kim was a BIG reason why! Detroit is getting a good one and we will all miss you.
    Wait a minute- I’m losing my carpool buddy. Dang it! Unacceptable, you must stay!

  3. Loved this WOD. Love this 6AM crew! Love Naptown.
    Hate 10′ Wall Balls, just when I get the 9′ down—you jack it up on me Peter…I know “constantly varied”…!
    Ok—Kim—-just so you know whether you are in Carmel, or Plymouth, or Englewood, or Beijing—I’ll always have your back on some kettlebell swings!
    An Ode to Schwieterific
    From Todd’s short shorts
    -With boxing gloves
    To the far north side
    -With little love
    From looking a fool
    -With pumpkins on Halloween
    To busting up some serious weight
    -With prefect power cleans
    From A-Team love
    -With lame stair climbs
    To 6AM road trips
    -With Tequila and limes
    Keep on lifting and kipping
    -At Plymouth you’ll take the crown
    But you will never be replaced
    -At CrossFit Naptown

  4. You guys are the BEST! Hello?!! 7am champagne toast! I’ve never had more fun at O’ Dark Thirty in my life. Thanks coaches and friends for motivating me at Naptown over the past several months. I’m sure I will see you all soon when I am in town. Until then, Margie , you’re on your own( unless Marta can drive???)
    There’s no crying in crossfit, so I’ll leave it at that. I expect to see lots of muscle ups and heavy snatches upon my return! As well as a 6am Friday Hula Hoop class.

  5. you will be very missed kim!!!
    BP: worked up to #85, but only got 6 reps.
    WOD: 13:04
    that 400m run after was not cute.

  6. Ms Kimmy,
    Indeed you will be missed by all of us. You provided 1/2 the energy and entertainment that we 6amers needed to get the WOD going. Who’s going to pick on Jared better than you? Who’s going to come up with witty slogans like “Fitness never sleeps” or “If I were blind and judging you, I’d say that was a muscle up”? Who are we going to use now to test out our new dodgeballs? You definitely will not be replaced. Good luck to you in Detroit, and definitely stop by when you’re back in town. Sorry I didn’t comment earlier, I had to be at work early.

  7. 12:24
    Kim, certainly will miss your sense of humor. Gook luck in Detroit and hope you can find out crossfit gym in metro Detroit

  8. 16:14
    Because of my bum ankle that looks like a cankle right now:
    Subbed running with rowing
    Box Jumps with Step ups

  9. Kim, you have been an incredible part of our box and our growth. We were very lucky to have you join us for the time you did. You will be greatly missed! Let me know when you find a box better than NapTown. We will always be here for you, if u ever need anything.

  10. 55# bench press
    18:03 WOD. Honestly, I’m just glad I didn’t pass out. Happy weekend everyone!

  11. Benched 135# – thanks for the push, Jason.
    WOD: 20:41
    It been a long time I’ve felt that bad during a workout. And after it.