10 thoughts on “Just another one of the ladies”

  1. Hey guys, thanks for letting me visit! You have a great box and a fantastic location. I enjoyed the walk back to the hotel. Helen: 12:10 with 20 pound wt. vest. I’m gonna be SORE tomorrow. Thanks again and I know your gym will be a success. Best of luck!

    1. Great effort today Kirk. I love the fact you took me up on the weight vest challenge. The biceps I’m sure love it too. Thanks for stopping in and we hope for your continued success at CrossFit 203.

  2. Great job to everyone today! Continue posting your times and your weights. The improvements will come as time goes on. Very excited about the progress we have already seen.

  3. Time: 11:10 with a 25# vest on.
    Tried using the vest to bring the workout out of the >10 minute time domain which was successful. Grip definitely was the limiting factor by the 3rd round, and kettlebell swings were a bit more challenging with the vest getting in the way at times.
    Squat 135-155-175-195-215

  4. Moises Del Mar (Jared C.)

    squats up to 245# with focus on perfect technique (not going too deep)
    Helen as rx’d with 25# vest at 10:38 (thanks for the tip Jared)
    I guess I’ll go by my Costa Rican name: Moises to clear up the confusion.

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